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Ghurka Knives- buy from the producer who makes for Army
The cost of custom-designing your required kukri/knife depends on the MODEL (type) on which it is being based on. The cost alters on the price of the standard MODEL, its sizes, features and materials offered in the site as per the requirements of the maker.

Length + Width + thickness = USD 5-15 / inch depending on the shape, style and finishing

Chirra/fuller, Double edge, Patterns, See thru holes, Saw back, Blackening/imprinting etc = USD 5-15

Full flat tang (Panawal), L-Key configuration, Rubber grip, Metallic handle = USD 10-30 depending on the size, shape, material and details

Guard, Pommel, Bolster, Other fixtures, In-built Guard / protection = USD 5-20

Grippers (finger), Ridges, Curves and contours, Lanyard, Tang extension = USD 5-15 depending on size and details

Length + Width = USD 5-10 / inch
Color Leather, Codura (nylon) = USD 10-20 depending on the size
Special treated leather, Special 2 mm hard leather = USD 5-10 / inch

Extra pocket/housing, Dual carriage, Leather thong, Different/irregular frog, Metallic chape / tip = USD 5-15 depending on details