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KHHI Quality

The Excellent, Innovative Quality of KHHI

A Geniune Khukuri Company
KHHI Quality:
A simple statement and the truth, a real company dedicated to creating excellence. KHHI vows to bring worldwide recognition and respect to the historic khukuri knife. KHHI was established with an objective to promote the existence of Khukuri, improve its quality and give Khukuri worldwide recognition as a National knife of the Country and the formidable weapon carried by the brave Gurkhas.

Everyone from craftsmen to production unit personnel’s work hard and sometimes round the clock tirelessly to produce quality khukuris that would not only serve a buyer effectively but would also earn respect and admiration from the user.

To keep up the originality and also give a touch of modernization, some which is KHHI's innovation, this marvelous piece of craftsmanship that would live up to the legacy and fame of the khukuri that it carries and appeals to the world. We at KHHI put in our every effort to produce the very best quality and give excellent services to achieve what we have envisioned.

KHHI uses the finest and strongest raw materials that are locally available and are also imported from India when necessary. Raw materials are checked, re-checked and selected before they are finally put to use. Craftsmen then do what they do the best; expertise within that has been passed down to them from generations; they turn a raw material into a real masterpiece. The finished products are also checked and tested several times over before they are finally approved for selling and exporting. The Quality Controller, Production Supervisor and the Managing Director himself test the quality before it proceeds for shipping to KHHI's Shipping agent.

We make sure that our Khukuris are made in a very traditional way by using only basic tools so that we can keep the tradition alive and that the khukuri remains as pure and distinctive work of art that is completely hand crafted. However moving along with the ever changing time and demand and to further boost our quality and production we have successfully implemented CNC machines to vastly help the custom-design department and produce modern kukris/knives that require high accuracy, precision and demand. This is actually an example of a company that rises and flows with the time yet keeps its feet on the ground.

Trade Mark (TM):
TM is another important step taken by us to recognize our superior quality and to differentiate our knives from others found in the market. The TM officially claims that it is the production of KHHI and something KHHI is proud of and will hold responsible should there be any quality issue. Therefore please be very careful prior to buying and while selecting the knives. Our TM is actually the appearance of the front line of the symbolic notch of a Khukuri.
Raw Materials:
High quality and selected raw materials are only used in KHHI. Some are scrap but still KHHI go for better and finer ones as we are well aware of that better source give better outcome, better start gives better finishing. Shown here are water buffalo hide, spring (suspension leaf) steel, buffalo horn, Indian rosewood, brass plate, saw, file, self-made scrub file, 2 kg hammer and self-made pliers.
A Kami of KHHI:
One of the many skilled Kamis of KHHI, Nir Bahadur BishwaKarma in action.

In the Southern-Eastern lowland of Nepal, lives a community of artisans who practice an art passed down to them from generation of their forefathers. Using mere hands and simple hand tools, these masters transform scrap spring steel into knives that know NO equal. The men are called Kamis or Bishwarkarmas (which in Nepalese means the world maker) and from their forge come the 'khukuri'.
Kamis in Action:
A daily and typical seen in the KHHI. Kamis giving their all to make a single khukuri. Beating and hammering, shaping and strengthening, swinging and sweating in progress in the photo depicted.
Examining RAW Blades:
Raw (black) blades are first examined thoroughly and then only sent for Machinery stage. Any kind of flaw, damage, injury, crack, nib or uneasiness to the examiner will either lead to rejection or repairing of the knives. KHHI staff carefully checks the knife from head to toe until he is satisfied and pleased with the knife and the work put into it. Repaired kukris are doubled checked to ensure that the quality is at its label best.
Testing the edge:
A khukuri's edge is thoroughly inspected before putting it aside for sale. The khukuri is stroke against a hard wooden log several times and inspected at regular intervals for any damages or injuries to the edge or bevel. Here, the khukuri needs to perform well and satisfy the inspector. It is only after it passes through this stage KHHI prepares it for sale or ship.
Checking Temper:
In order to re-confirm and re-assure that all kukri knives of KHHI are perfect and performer all knives are once again tested for temper. A skilled and experienced staff of KHHI checks the hardness of the blade with a 6' half rounded 60 RC rigid file. The file needs to skid all along the sharp edge of the blade while rubbing it against the edge. This and the 'Testing the edge' mentioned above will ensure that the blades are well made, well tempered and ready to go.
Cutting Ridges:
Handle's ridges (HarHari) are re-cut and refinished for better grip and look. Ridges cut during making may fade out when going through the polishing and shinning stage of a "Buff Machine" therefore in order to maintain the original state it is re-done by KHHI staff. Similarly any stain and scratch seen anywhere in the handle is also taken care of.
Pounding throat:
An extra effort by KHHI to maintain and deliver topnotch quality..

The buffalo hide in throat section comes in direct contact with the blade while drawing in and out. This causes the blade to get scratches as the hide is hard. Therefore an extra measure of pounding the throat or inner buffalo hide/leather is done so the scratch can be avoided and shine of the blade preserved. The self-made scrub-file is scrub against the throat's hide to smoothen and soften it.
Polishing Scabbard:
All leather scabbards are shoe polished to better the look. Raw scabbards are first sand papered for any rough and uneven surfaces and then polished with black, brown, green or cream polish as required to accomplish and finish the polishing process.
Filing Blade and Handle:
A finished khukuri is filed for any unevenness and disproportion in the various edges of a khukuri, if found any. Perfect leveling, straight lining, final touching etc are all done here. Any marks and bruises seen in the handles and other fixtures are also taken care of at this point.
Handle Wrapping:
All white and Panawal handles are carefully plastic wrapped before shipping to protect from dirt, rust, stain and to keep it new and fresh. Panawal handle's metallic fixtures are cautiously oiled and wrapped with plastic to ensure that it stays fit and fine.
After all work is done at a single khukuri it is wrapped with KHHI official Lokta wrapping paper. The wrapper uses shoe shine on the scabbard and wraps with KHHI's paper then forwards it to KHHI's official shipper (Quickway Cargo) where the khukuri receives proper export-standard packing and handling. All documents and paper work needed are processed and prepared then shipped to the destination where a buyer awaits impatiently.
Scabbard or Dapwala:
The scabbard dept. of KHHI, one of the many 2 men team of the KHHI. "Dapwalas" work round the clock to meet customers' demand and requirement. Bare hands and basic tools go together flawlessly to create something very fine, functional and praiseworthy.
The Aran:
A typical charcoal oven from where all the making and forging is accomplished. Made from local bricks and soil (mud), Kamis expertly put it together as seen in the picture. This is the holy and mother of all khukuri elements and equipments. It is ritually worshiped before any work is undertaken. The 'Aran' battles with fire and extreme heat in its entire life span as a Kami does.

The womb of all Kukri Knives of KHHI . . .

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