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Orders / Sales Processing


How an order is handled:

Each online sale paid/processed through the site will be acknowledged by thekhukurihouse.com on the following business days. The mail will include topics like payment, sold item/s name, quantity, time frame, forwarding, delivery time and others as necessary. thekhukurihouse.com will update the customer in a regular basis on the status of the order. The tracking number of the order will be mailed to the customer after forwarding it to courier agent as specified in the sales acknowledgement mail.

Delivery & time frame:

This entirely depends on the type and availability of the product that is ordered. Nonetheless, we assure you that our processing, forwarding and deliver activities would be from 10-12-15 days at maximum or much earlier at most cases or unless our activities are badly disrupted. Having said that because of excessive orders and since all KHHIs knives are skillfully handmade investing time the delivery time frame has been temporarily extended to 25-30 days until KHHI recovers from it. Our shipping/forwarding partners are DHL, TNT and FedEx.

* Order processing + forwarding = 6-7 days
* Legal procedures (formalities + documentation) = 1 day
* Shipping (source to destination) = 3-7 days

Temporarily time taken at present = 25-30 days

Order confusion:

Incase of order confusion, thekhukurihouse.com will first contact the buyer and confirm the product type that is actually ordered before forwarding. We will then acknowledge the sale, confirm payment, process the order and forward towards the destination. We will immediately contact you if an order seems confusion to avoid any delay and future tension at later stages.

Shipping Note exercised for exporting:

We declare all kukri/s as "Souvenirs from Nepal” or “Traditional Handicrafts from Nepal” under internationally recognized GSP code provided to KHHI by the Nepalese Govt. We also make all the required documentations and favorable billings so that clearance and collection can be swiftly done at the customer's end. However if the importing laws of a country requires permit and others (as every country has their own laws and we have to get abide by it) then our shipper in the destination country will notify the buyer to fulfilling the legal steps needed to clear the order from the customs. After releasing it will be delivered at the home/office location of the buyer (the final destination) by the shipper.

Please be notified that if customs official confiscates the order for any other reason then KHHI will not be held responsible and thus refund is not done.