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Various Business Opportunities with KHHI :

Buying through KHHI is 100% safe and sound : Khukuri House Handicraft Industry (KHHI) at all times explores new avenues to meet the needs of its customers; therefore now KHHI goes beyond its main product line “Khukuri” to promote various handicrafts of Nepal (as listed below) in order to support (assist) its customers who are interested in other handmade local products of the country besides the khukuris. Our effort is to be a responsible and efficient junction for customers who want to buy (import) varied handmade products of Nepal at wholesale rate for reselling so that buying online is 100% safe, satisfying and swift.

We at KHHI put in our every effort to deliver the very best quality products and give excellent services to achieve what we have envisioned. And with this new approach we hope to serve our customers with other various genuine handicrafts of Nepal other than just “Khukuri” with utmost dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Please feel free to write to us at customercare@thekhukurihouse.com for any queries

Singing Bowl:
Singing bowl is a sound instrument traditionally used by Buddhists as meditational aids. These bowls sing with a complex harmony. As a ritual, singing bowls are used to start or end a meditation, to punctuate a prayer, and to call the beginning of a ceremony or ritual.
Handwoven Carpet:
Carpets of Nepal draw inspiration and knowledge from Tibetan Carpets, basically the designs originate from Buddhist and Vedic philosophies. Some designs are also inspired from western world's modern art in today's context. Compared to other internationally renowned carpet it is more durable and heavier as it is hundred percent hand woven and employ double knotting system.
Lokta Paper:
Nepali handmade paper is made from the inner bark of a wild shrub locally known as "Lokta," which is found at altitudes of 7,000 to 9,000 feet. The long fibrous handmade paper is prized for its attractive texture, its durability, strength and its resistance to insects. Since this paper can be found only on the foothills of Himalayas, it is also called Nepalese Paper.
Pashmina is the most luxurious, softest, warmest and lightest natural fiber in the world and comes from the Capra-Hircus goat. Each shawl takes many man-hours to complete from the combing of the goat to collect the fur through hand weaving, dyeing and finishing. Therefore every shawl is unique. The word "Pashm" means warmth, for lightness and warmth, pashmina wool is unmatched. Delicate and soft to touch, it caresses the skin.
Silver Products:
Silver making is a tradition here that dates back many centuries. Nepalese silver jewellery in Nepal has always been famous for its craftsmanship all over the world. Jewellery maker or silversmith in Nepal work with the finest gemstones creating beauty that symbolizes aesthetic ideals of Nepalese culture. The artistic skill of silver jewellery making and perfection is passed down from generation to generation.
Metal Crafts:
Metal art work is one of the most advanced and appreciated art in Nepal. Metal statue art in Nepal dates back to the seventh century AD. Kathmandu Valley's prosperity in many ways is linked to its early mastery over metal. The metal craftsmen’s artisans in Nepal is unmatched, their skills has been respected and appreciated worldwide. It is one of the most exported products of Nepal that plays a crucial role to improving the country’s economy.
Trekking Wears & Gears:
Trekking wears have been introduced in Nepal by the mountaineers since the expedition came into existence. Heavy Duane / Feather / Fleece Trekking jackets to light water proof raincoats, pant / trousers are high on demand. Nepal made trekking wears are of high quality yet very affordable. They come in all different types and sizes and are made from imported materials. Nepalese trekking wears have been very successful in international market lately since they are durable and much cheaper.