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Welcome to KHHI’s Appeal,

We have come across too many companies claiming themselves to be genuine manufactures of khukuri knives which is in fact not always true and we condemn such activities. We would therefore appeal all our visitors/ buyers to be aware of such scamps and be extra cautious when buying online. After all we want our customers to get the real things from the real people and NOT get cheated by such sham and illusive campaigns.

We have found a whole bunch of websites with their name (domain name) very similar to ours and products names, designs, layouts and even color quiet similar to our websites. Here the intention is to clearly misguide and confuse buyers with us and generate a sale – a motive driven only by the hunger to earning easy and quick money. Hence we appeal all our visitors, buyers and well wishers to be very careful and attentive.

For your kind information, KHHI has only following four online KUKRI websites:

and only ONE showroom in Patan Industrial Estate, Lalitpur.

"For example"

Some of the sites with similar website name, design and colors:

Some of the Sites with similar Products’ names and features:

Products (Kukris) like American Eagle, Operation Iraqi, Defender, Chukuri, Gladiator and many other have been designed, invented and named by KHHI for the very first time and later they were imitated by other rival companies. Following are the sites with similar Product’s Name:

For Instance:

American Eagle (Freedom)

Operation Iraqi Freedom (Patriotic)

KHHI’s Product

Defender (Guard)

KHHI’s Product

Chukuri (Hybrid Special)

KHHI’s Product

The Brigade of Gurkhas Set

KHHI’s Product

Scourge (Apocalypse)

KHHI’s Product