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Your SEARCH for the ULTIMATE kukri ends here..

One of the most prolific knives ever done by KHHI in which every little thing from shape to size to weight, from profile to contour to angles, from finishing to fitting to handling, from usage to feel to balance - everything is well thought of and brilliantly executed. Your SEARCH for the ULTIMATE kukri ends here..

*A collaborated project between KHHI Nepal and ex British Firefighter / UK Special Forces, Michael King
*Profile, weight, material, forging, finishing etc all have been brilliantly executed to make it an ULTIMATE utility/fighting knife
*Comes with a special supportive back up knife for all minor purpose, you name it and full flexible frog for easy all round carriage
* Made by master craftsman Mr. Parshuram BK

Blade size: 12 inches  approx. and 3.5” approx Back up knife
Handle size: 5 inches approx. (full) and 3.25” approx Back up knife
Blade Thickness: 7 mm approx and 4mm approx Back up knife
Weight: 525 gms approx. (Blade+Handle) and 85 gms Back Up knife

Materials / Features: Brown Reddish leather sheath, Indian rosewood with Brass fixtures (Stick tang), 5160 fullered highly polished functional bladed

** Joint collaboration between KHHI Nepal and Mike King, UK **

I am deeply honoured to have been given the opportunity by the Owner and Managing Director of KHHI , Mr Saroj Tamang Lama , to help design and name his exciting new release , the " MK-Patriot General Service Issue " Khukuri . For all KHHI already have an extensive range and styles of Khukuris and are well known for their superior quality blades , I decided to design the MK-Patriot for practical use in remote or hostile environments and aimed at Military  personnel  and other such organisations or individuals who spend their time working within the Survival / Bushcraft field of operations . My past experience as a former member of British Army Special Forces has led me to believe that a good solid well built knife is a must when working or training within these remote / hostile situations but because of the numerous and differing amounts of tasks that can be undertaken when working in these environments , I also believe that there is no one knife that can perform every task without compromising weight and space ! With this in mind , I have designed the MK-Patriot to be as near as possible to the perfect all round general purpose utility bushcraft  tool whilst at the same time retaining the traditional shape and features of the Nepalese khukuri!I chose the name for this new release , MK as these are my initials and PATRIOT because this represents for me my own strong personal feelings of patriotism for My Queen and Country , but also to represent the brave and loyal Gurkha Soldier for whom the Khukuri is both a national symbol of their Country and The famous Brigade of Gurkhas whom they have  served with distinction for over 200 years .


:    The MK Patriot has a 12" blade that is constructed from well polished 5160 high carbon steel . It is skilfully hollow grind with a deep fuller to give the blade strength combined with balance which feels good in the hand whilst at the same time reducing the overall weight . The thickness of the blade is only 7mm at the ricasso and it has a distal tapered gently curved spine . It is 64mm at the widest point of the blade giving it enough weight to be used as a serious chopping implement . It is finished off with a unique shaped cho / kaudi

HANDLE :  The handle is constructed and carved from unpolished Indian Rosewood (for a better grip ) and is fitted onto the blade with a stick tang for strength and durability and secured at either end with a Brass bolster and end cap . The handle itself is slightly curved in the traditional way which helps reduce wrist strain when in use and it is complemented by a nice decorative brass binding round the centre of the handle

COMPANION KNIFE :  I have included a very practical  6 3/4" long companion / back up knife with this khukuri made from the same materials as the Mother knife with the blade being 4mm thickness for strength and durability . This smaller knife can be used for the many smaller bushcraft tasks such as skinning , gutting , carving , whittling and slicing . It sits firmly in a housing pouch in  the lower front section of the scabbard for ease of access

SCABBARD :  The scabbard is very nicely made from wood covered in quality brown Buffalo embossed leather hide in the traditional Nepalese shape . It also has a handle retaining strap for better holding security of the main Khukuri

All in all I fully endorse the whole concept of the MK Patriot and in my opinion it is large enough to carry out most bushcraft duties , chopping , slashing , battoning and most other tasks etc , but at the same time small enough to either stash away inside your back pack or Bergen or even attach to the outside for easier access or attach to your waist belt without being too much of a weight issue , A must for anyone who ventures into the Great Outdoors .

Mike K, UK

PS: Please see KHHI website for instructions for looking after your Khukuri.

Materials / Features:

Brown Reddish leather sheath, Indian rosewood with Brass fixtures (Stick tang), 5160 fullered highly polished functional bladed

*** Please be notified that from now onwards ONLY the Khukuris and Knives with our official trademark (for more details Click Here) are the property of KHHI (made by KHHI) and is/are the only ones we hold responsible of and obliged to. ***

KHHI also supplies the following Promotional Materials with every shipment:

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