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5 or + OFFER

"5 or + offer" is a theme introduced to encourage bulk buying by offering attractive discount. Under this offer, if a person buys "5 or more" qty of any product/s of KHHI then he will qualify for the 10% exclusive discount on the total cost of the products (excluding shipping). This way buying gets cheaper even though order is bigger.

Please fill up the online form below and KHHI will get back to you as early as possible.

Note:   Please be notified that this offer is NOT applicable to products (order) already under "Offer Zones" (Discount Zone, B1G1             FREE and others) and to "KHHI LTD" member as well.

            "Patriotic Discount" and "5 or + Offer" cannot be taken at once.

            Supplements and Stands do not qualify for this offer.

            5 or + Offer amount is not refundable (fully or partial) but it can be used as discount (reduction) in the next purchase

            It is not applicable to Custom-Design product/order

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