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Camouflage Special (Ultimate)



Carried by soldiers in combat to camouflage from the eyes of enemies; a dependent warfare kit..

This Kukri is named so due to its important feature where the scabbard is camouflaged by green army textile OR Nepal Army's official camouflage fabric and the blade especially made for rough use. In addition a leather cord to hold the kukri firmly in the user’s thigh to prevent from wobbling while in motion. All these special characteristics in both, the scabbard to assist it’s user in the best possible way, and the blade designed only for rough hard use have made this kukri stand ahead of it’s siblings. It is mostly famous with trekkers, hunters and safari goers. It is also carried by soldiers in combat to camouflage themselves from the eyes of enemies. It is a typical semi-polished all-purpose utility knife that is also used as a domestic tool in Nepal. Although the blade has semi polishing the surface is very smooth and well balance. The kukri blade is more durable as well as it skips the long machinery process where some temper is lost due to excessive heat. Unlike other kukris, the two small knives (Karda and Chakmak) are completely discarded to make the kukri as light as possible to carry around. This comes as an extra benefit to the user.
[Please be notified that due to severe scarcity of HORN in the market, its constant rising price and now it being banned by the Indian Govt. we are compelled to replace the horn handle of this khukuri/knife by Brown Indian Rosewood handle]

Materials / Features:

Water buffalo leather scabbard, olive/dark army green cloth OR Nepal Army's official camouflage fabric, brown Indian rosewood handle, buffalo leather string

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