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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Dear Pukar,

Just a quick email to let you know that my service no1 kukri arrived Wdenesday 28th feb 07 this was way ahead of the delivery date, I would like to take the oppertunity to thank you and your colleagues for the way you handled my order, the service was prompt and professional.I would also like to thank all concerned in the making of the kukri, the blade is superb and has already proved to be a very competent tool, the
craftsmanship involved in the making of this item is second to none. I wish
you all every success in the future, once again thank you.

Steve. ex parachute regiment.

Jeff Hutter, USA

Hello Shilpa, 

 I received my King Prithivi khukuri today and it is stunning. I am attaching a picture and share it's glory with you. Please let me know how to send the damaged one back.

Thank you, 

Jeff Hutter, USA
KHHI SALE ID 17821 P2 (KING Prithivi Khukuri)



I just had receive my Jungle Panawal and it's perfect as my previous order...

So many thanks to you all... Great job... And see you for my next order to come very soon.


Best regards

Armand HANCA, Paris, France
Sale ID / Warranty #: 17988 P1


Dear Saroj...I just received my 3 chirra from khukuri house and I couldn't be happier! The blade is awesome and the work and craftsmanship that went into it is evident. I greatly appreciate your help in my ordering this kukri as my generation is not as adept with the technology! I am your father's age! Please thank Mr Mangaldhan Biswakarma for the work of art that you sent me...He is an unbelievable Craftsman and Kami! namaste and humble appreciation!

Please don't hesitate to use this endorsement in any way you wish!
Bill Greene...Rhode Island ...USA


Just wanted to let you know I got my knife, and it's GREAT!  thank you very much for your work.


Robert "Rex" Shearer
Sale ID / Warranty #: 13484 P1


Dear KHHI,

My order (1426) for Nepal Army National Issue (modified) Khukuri arrived today. Thank you. The knife is very sturdy and well-made and I’m very happy with it. I have enjoyed working with your company and please pass along my appreciation to your craftsmen for their excellent work. 

Yours truly,
John Conley
Wednesday, May 03, 2017 12:13 AM
Custom 9" Nepal Army (National Issue) .. custom-design ID 1426 - Order received


From: Aitor Blanco
Sent: Wednesday, May 3, 2017 7:26 PM
To: KHHI Nepal
Subject: Thank you very much


Dear KHHI Team, I just received your kukri this morning! Thank you very much for your attention, quick delivery and the great quality of your work. I hope to buy some more amazing kukris from your excellent company soon.

Best Regards!
Aitor Blanco, Spain
Sale ID / Warranty #: 18007 P1

Dear Shilpa, Saroj


Finally! The Shree 5 Chirras Khukuri has arrived! Wow it's exceeded all expectations. Beautiful in every way. Dimensions as advertised. Razor sharp. Scabbard fits like a glove.

Weighted at 1300 grams. Very pleased with the shipping quality and delivery time. Now since this was a test case you may confidently expand your offering to India if you so wish. Please feel free to reference me as a testimonial.


Next step is to test this beast in the field. I will keep you updated...


Thanks for everything. We all believed it was possible and our faith is justified.


Have a great day and all the best to ensuring that KHHI is the top choice for authentic Khukuri aficionados.

Best regards,
Amko (Amit Kotwal)

Hello my Friend Saroj,

I have just received my Sirupate and once again  I congratulate you and your staff on another well made product from KHHI .

I would like you to thank your staff but especially thank Parshuram Biswakarma for his skills in producing this fine product of my Sirupate style Khukuri.

Kind regard,
Mike King, UK
Sale ID: D1424


Hi Saroj,
just as an addition to my last message regarding the new Sirupate.  It is very well built and with the hollow grind blade it feels both light enough in weight and also strong and robust enough for practical use !

I personally think it is a good idea to push the idea for a hollow grind blade for those people who intend to use their khukuris in a practical / outdoor environment .

I know this is more work from the Kamis and more expensive from a buyers point of view but well worth it. I am sure an additional section in your website explaining how a hollow grind can reduce the weight and balance the khukuri making it more easy to handle would bring in further sales !

Kind regards


I got the knife today and am very pleased with it... I took it out and tested it and love everything about the blade. I give the knife a 5 out of 5 stars.. the sheath is good but I will have to do a little work on it.. I give the sheath a 4 out of 5.. thank you so much for your service and I will be looking for a kukri for a deployment in the near future.
Thanks again
John M, USA
D ID 1440
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