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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Thank you so much for the xtrema militia combatant. A more beautiful knife I have never held with my own hands. My hat is off to you guys I have nothing but good things to say about the khukuri and my experience with khhi!
Thanks and namaste


I just recieved the knives from DHL. They are great! The jimping is perfect! You were right, I really like the McCurdy "Mc Knife"!

I really appreciate all of your help with these knives. They are exactly what I wanted!

Every knive you have made has been great!

Thanks again my friend! Have a great day!


Dear Sir,
After ordering several khukuris from your compagny about ten years ago, I have recently ordered a "Mac Curdy" for 2014-2015 christmas.
I wanted to congratulate you for this marvelous piece of art and its sheath.
Jean Michel Garretta
Villa n°9
530, avenue Eugène de Mazenod
13100 Aix en Provence

Dear Bivek,

I was too busy admiring the knife that I forgot to let you know I have received it a few days ago. It is simply beautiful. I would be modifying the grip for my fat fingers and removing the microbeveling but other than that I can't stop staring at it.


To all the members of KHHI, family, employees and partners.
My name is Steve.
 I am a former Unites States Marine, full time gunsmith, field guide and wilderness survival instructor as well as a full time gunsmith.  Because of my background and experience I can say that I know a thing or two about outdoor living and field craft, and also I know hand made quality when I see it.
I received my 1st order from you good folks today.
It will not be the last order you get from me.
The 5 knives I am examining right now are wonderful. They meet or exceed my hopes.  The khukuris are impressive and well made.  The care and pride of the makers show.  The service was good and delivery was faster than I expected.
I hunt large game every year and I also guide other hunters.  I also teach field craft to students nearly every month of the year, winter summer spring and fall.  These activities use about 15% of my work time.  The rest of my professional time is spent making and working on firearms.  I am not a collector of tools (knives included) but I use tools every day of my life.
These tools that I unboxed today are a delight to me.
I started by sharpening them as perfectly as I could and then spent about 5 minutes with each of them cutting and chopping some woods, from pine to oak, with some cherry, rock maple and walnut in the mix.  I also used them to cut some chips from some sheep horn.
The blades did all I could ask of them. 
The were not capable of shaving when I was done testing the edges, but they were still quite sharp and would be totally capable of dressing an elk or moose, quartering them up, skinning and butchering.  The are also fully ready to build shelters and split kindling.   These are not “art knives” but 100% functional field tools and up to about any reasonable challenge I can think of that any knife of this size would be asked to do.
I am impressed enough that I think I should buy a few to offer for sale in my gun shop.  Such tools would be a very welcome addition to any hunters hand in the mountains or plains here in Wyoming, and I believe I could find few better to go anywhere to any wilderness in the world.
Most of my clients and customers are less interested in a khukuri as a weapon than they would be as an outdoorsman’s tool.

 Any good tool that can be used day in and day out for chopping and cutting wood, clearing brush, building wind breaks and cutting poles for horse corrals would be MORE than capable of being used as a weapon if the need arose.
Wood and brush are both harder to cut then flesh.
My point is simple.  A tool, used hard, that takes real work every day in stride is always going to be rugged enough to fight with.
    We fight little but work much.  A working tool that never goes bad is more impressive to me than a “weapon” that probably never gets into a fight.
I believe your Khukuris will leave little to be desired.  I will be buying others soon enough I am sure.
I will learn more about how well they work in the coming months and years, but from what I see here and now, I don’t expect any disappointments.
You will be selling more of them to me.
My clients and friends should all have one.
Keep up the good work
Best wishes.
Shoshoni Wyoming USA

stan G
Dear Mr.Saroj,KHHI employees/Kamis   

I wish to Thank You All! I have just recieved another astonishing and amazing craftsmanship and piece of art from you.Khukuri Sirupate (Famous) with 15 inch blade.After opening the package i was speechless!  Khukuri is made with absolute precision,handle and  blade are flawlessly crafted,with amazing razor sharp convex edge and tip of the blade is durable,but sharp like a needle.Brass mounting on handle is precisely fitted.Scabbard is piece of art itself,buffalo leather is precisely mounted and stitched together,made of completely flawless material.Overall quality of your product once again made my deep appreciation towards Nepalese craftsmen,Kamis from KHHI and for me as for many of your fans & customers around the globe,your skills are amazing.It is my utmost pleasure and honour to be your customer.Quality of your service is for me up to date literally unbeatable on all levels,from excellent customer service to final product KHHI have no competition or match.As part of my testimonial,I am sending few pictures of amazing Sirupate Famous,I am proud to own this Khukuri-made by KHHI,symbol of Nepalese fight for independence and freedom!!!  Thank you very much Mr.Saroj and to all members of your excellent team in Nepal. Thank you (I am already looking forward to come with another order from you!) Namaste,Stan  

Dear Mr. Bivek Rai,
thank you for prompt execution of the order, I received the shipment on last Friday.
Everything turned out to my entire satisfaction and I will highly recommend your company.
Thank you and Namaste,
Mr. Ulrich Kressner
) Hello

I have received the kukri I ordered from you. It is everything that I expected from it, really great hand crafted knife.

best regards
Dear Ms. Pratibha and Ms. Shilpa, dear friends,

I have received the kukris (Panawal Special and Service No. 1) yesterday.
What can I tell you?...  They are great!!! Look great and feel great. Not just as advertised, better than advertised. I could tell immediately, these were serious stuff.
The Panawal Special is mine while the Service No. 1 will be a Christmas present to my son. I will wait until the Christmas Eve on December 24th to give it to him. I will send you later a photo at the Christmas tree.
By the way, the engravings are exactly as I specified.
As a matter of fact, I’m already planning to make a second order next month.

Wish you a nice weekend and all the best! All my respect for your work!
Keep in touch,

Radu Ciumara
(Bucharest, Romania)


I just finished 10 years using the kukri panawal i bought from you.  It has been with me in Canada’s north on every trip.  It has held up extremely well with very heavy usage.  It is robust with much more momentum and handleability than a hatchet.  It has provided fuel and kindling for my fires, cleared trails, and chopped holes in lake ice.  I made my own belt sheath for it and wear it with pride…worn at the left front of my torso the knife naturally wraps around my body and is quite out fo the way. 

Thank you for such a wonderful, strong and functional tool!

C. Larson
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