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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Mr. Bivek Rai,
        I received my order today (9-9-14).  The knife is absolutely wonderful and the extra scabbard fits my knife as if you had it there when you made it.  The karda and chakmak are also extremely nice.
        There was a problem with DHL because of my address so I will have to correct it because I am going to order from you again.
        Packages in the future should be sent to me at 35 Center Street-box 267---Wolfeboro Falls ---N.H.----03896.  Please correct for future orders.
                                                                  Thank you.

Dear Bivek,
The package has arrived. I sincerely thank you very much for your extra effort to get the parcel delivered , and if I need anything more, I will gladly order again from the Khukri House .
Thank you very much,
Theo Christ

I just wanted to let you know I have received my knives and am so unbelievably happy at how they turned out, you and your team did a great job. I will in the future be ordering from your company again, you where very professional and prompt, my appreciations and thanks.  

Daniel Ledin

   Today I received my Khukuri and am Honored to finally own one, thank you my friends for your time and exquisite workmanship I will treasure it for as long as I live.

Edward McCormac, 14567 SALE ID.
Dear Mr.Saroj I am writing this email as my testimony for all people who are interested in handcrafted-high end quality,state of art knifes for unbeatable prices and of highest volume of value for money one can get nowadays-world-wide !!! First of all - the customer care that I got from KHHI was amazing,got the swift and fast reply for all my emails often within few minutes or hours,not only that,I had few special requirements in regards of different sheath to be made,for survival knife (live),also adjustments to size and thickness of blades,adding also supplement knifes (Karda&Chakmak) to two beautiful serial numbered pwr-hmr bowies that I ordered,which has also been customised on my request-to match bowie knifes-all these requests were welcome and facilitated with no extra charges by Mr.Saroj and KHHI staff and their highly skilled craftsmen ! When my shipment arrived,which was easy to track and very fast (took only 4days across the globe) I was speechless after I examined unbelievable craftsmanship of all three knifes I ordered !!! All three knifes are the toughest knifes I ever held in my hands,especially two massive bowies with power hammer-full flat tang blade of nearly 10mm thickness-with perfectly shaped handles and handcrafted with 100% mathematical precision-with all angles of design just perfect ! High quality buffalo leather is used for durable sheaths,fits very tight on every single knife also housing for customised K+CH is nicely fitted within mother-sheath on both bowies.Knifes are my passion and I do collect them over years,so I am very familiar within this industry,metallurgy and so on,so I know what I am talking about when I say I highly recommend KHHI to every person who is interested to step up from mass-produced often unequally overpriced,less quality blades,to hand made,handcrafted ones that comes from Nepalese KHHI craftsmen ! These blades will leave you speechless,they are state of art-also the fact that KHHI is so open to every idea of yours and is willing to make custom blade of your choice of highest value for money you can find nowadays,speaking of fact that these craftsmen supplying famous Gurkha regiments and others with the worlds toughest blades-khukuri knifes which are most certainly one of the toughest blades mankind has ever made !!! Looking for reliable blade which will last for centuries - you can not go wrong to order and discuss your needs with Nepalese premier khukuri blade smiths (bishwakarmas)-born khukuri makers from KHHI Thank you Mr.Saroj. I will most certainly ordering other knife from you. Namaste
Namaste, Good afternoon (uk time) I have just received my new Khukri, It is Beautiful thank you very much once again once again you have shown that your company is supreme in the quality of your products.
                                                           Kind Regards
                                                                   Ian E Rees

Dear Ms. Pradhan,
I just received my khukuris and I really couldn't be happier!
They exceed my expectations in just about every way. The craftsmanship of your Kamis is superb. Congratulations!
I'll be back for sure (my wife is already browsing your product catalog for the khukuri she would like to have - these first two are only mine :)).
Best wishes,
Laurian Moga

Hello there, sorry to bother you again. The kukri arrived and it is wonderful! My husband loved it for his birthday.

Kristen Little

dear KHHI customer care department,
i glad to inform you guys i have received the orders and very happy  with what i got.
thank you very much to everyone who involved in the whole process.
looking forward the order more and more in the future from your company.

namaste and kindest regards
Volkan Ucarer.

I received my shipment today, and couldn't be more pleased with the quality!My uncle was a british commando dispatched with a team of gurkas in the Malayn conflict and always told me about their cunning and bravery! I have always wanted a kukri for myself, and will be ordering more soon.

Thank you
Colin Cowe

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