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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Dear Ms. Apekcha Pradhan,

I would like to inform you that I've received my khukuri a few days Ago . I'm very pleased with it and also with your perfect customer service. The khukuri is in good condition except for scratches on the scabbard and handle, probably done by the custom officers when they opened the sealed package for inspection.  Thank you in advance.

Victor Vun


Dear Apekcha:
I have received my order this afternoon,  the 2  items are in good order .  Many Thanks

Raymond Wonga

Hi, my order is arrived. I am very very happy abouut it: the kukri is amazing.
Thanks to all
Francesco Triberti

My friend,

I received delivery of the knife last night.  I was surprised how quickly it arrived since only shipping a few days ago from almost 10,000 miles away.  I am very pleased and entirely impressed.  I could not wait to write you my feelings and impression….and mostly my sincere gratitude.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with the completed knife.  The size, balance, weight is extraordinary.  When I first unwrapped it I was in awe….and then a little frightened…..at the size and sharpness.  It hit me suddenly how dangerous this could be as a weapon….and I immediately realized how and why Ghurka soldiers are feared and victorious in battle……a weapon such as this in the hands of a warrior who knows how to handle it, and with determination, would easily overwhelm any combatant stupid enough to engage him in a battle.  I found myself still at 1:00 AM inspecting the knife your Kamis made for me and realized I was not really examining it any longer……no, I was truly ADMIRING it !  
My friends…..please share with ALL the people in your company, the owners and managers….and especially the Kamis who actually manufactured this knife, please tell them all how fully and completely impressed, amazed, pleased and grateful I am for everyone’s efforts in bringing this to life.  This knife is an exceptional and impressive effort that I will cherish….and use and enjoy for many years to come on camping and wilderness trips.

I am as proud to own and show this to everyone I can.  I feel I have been given a great GIFT as I am the only one in the world to have such a knife.  Though you may have made others or may in the future….mine is unique, a one of a kind, hand made by a skilled craftsman and no matter how many are ever made…..none will be like mine…..and that makes it extremely special.

I will be sending another order to you in the next weeks…..I wish to have one made in the traditional design and will email you soon.  Please feel free to use and share any part of my email as you wish and I would be truly happy to recommend your knives and company to anyone wishing to inquire exactly how incredibly amazing this transaction and result has been.

Again…my deepest gratitude and thanks,


I´m very impressed with the professionalism of you guys! My kukri is beautiful, functional and arrived very very fast!

Thak You very much!
Rodrigo Barreto de Souzaa
Dear Mr. Saroj,

I already received my Kukri last Nov 18. I am very much fascinated on the quality of the product that you and your company had produced. I am amazed more on the service you provide and the swift delivery to my home. Thank you very much, I cannot find words how to described my amazing and good quality experience with your company and the product I have. Pls expect my next order from me and my friends.

Maciste Cobarrubias

Just letting you know the knife I ordered (7" MultiCraft (Jungle man) arrived today with the t-shirt. The knife is much better than I thought it would be – It has the WOW effect – Very nice camp knife that will last me longer than I will live for – The way the serrations are done is fantastic and it’s a great size

Thanks again …

Mike Summers L.R.E.A.
Dead KKH,
I received the order yesterday, thank you for your kind answer and if i will buy another kukri i will buy it from you because its quality is outstanding.

Thank you and best regards
Dott. Daniele Bonaventura
Hi Bivek,
just a quick email to say thank you for my khukuri.  i received it the beginning of last week.  i’m very pleased with it and also with your customer service and excellent delivery.
 thanks again,
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