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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Dear Khukuri House,
and Namaste Ms. Pradhan,
I received my Khukuri today (in less than a week via DHL Express) and must say I
am impressed. I'm delighted actually.
I ordered a custom 18" Chitlange with Panawal-type handle without Cho and with
engraving and a semi-fuller. I wanted a unique knife with particular features. I
unwrapped the blade and the first word out of my mouth was "Wow." I was struck
by how long and elegant it was and yet how powerful and substantial it felt in the
hand. It arrived in a high state of polish in a light coat of oil and the fit and finish
were tight and smooth. The scales are rosewood and fit the bell-shaped pommel
and bolster almost seemlessly. The engraving on the rosewood matches the
engraving on the blade and certainly aids in keeping a decisive, sure grip. I asked
KHHI for the original width and thickness of a 15" Chitlange to be incorporated into
a longer blade in order to mimic the characteristics of a Greek Kopis. I must say I
was not disappointed; the blade is superbly balanced and very, very quick for such
a large knife. The ample pommel, handle-ridge and wood-engraving make for
excellent control and retention.
And it hits hard.
And has long, quick reach too.
I freshened the edge a few times with a Lansky sharpener and cut through a
newspaper folded over a clothesline. It repeatedly cut cleanly at the angle of
attack with no tearing.
Next, I took a 6" diameter dead branch off a backyard oak tree in four strokes. The
blade bit deep into the dry oak with ease and I would've gotten it in three strokes
had it not been for my bad angle on the third strike (I was standing on my toes
upon a picnic table). I then stabbed clean through a cedar fence plank with very
little effort due to the strength of the point and the ergonomically superior angle of
the handle. The grip didn't turn in the hand or slip at all on any impact during the
This is one sure and solid knife. Also, I must say again it is an elegant, attractive
My custom-made Khukuri was money well spent and the product I received
matched my expectations of Khukuri House. This is the second knife I've ordered
from you. My first KHHI Khukuri was a 12" Panawal that I used all over the
American Southwest for almost seven years. I treasured it so much and
considered it to be of such lasting quality that I gave it to my First Born Son.
This Chitlange, however, will remain mine.
It's perfect.
Thank you, Khukuri House and you as well, Ms. Pradhan.
(I have four more sons - so, I will be in touch...)
Brett from Lubbock

I have received the recent order. Once again, I would like to thank you for continued quality. The knives are beautiful. I will definitely be adding to my collection in the future.
I have shown the knives I have purchased to this point to acquaintenaces and you should be receiving more orders.
Mike Powers
Sorry for the late response.  

I wanted to inform all those who made this magnificent Khukuri Knife.  I have been testing its potential to its maximum by working in the woods of Colorado.  It has been unbelievable.  The handling and balance of the knife made cutting and chopping so easy that tasks are being completed in record time.  Many people have handled my knife most comments have been, "WOW... how did I just do that without hurting myself?"  I work with many Ex-Military and prior service disabled Veterans in which they all are planning to buy your products now.  Instead of promoting your product in the traditional sense of explaining its capabilities, I have just handed over the knife and told them to use it.  I have not had a single complaint.  After showing the pictures of the raw knife during its making, they are not just amazed they are in shock of its manufacturing process.  
So, I would like to thank you once more.  I have great admiration for your work and how you have handled the transaction of this custom Khukuri Knife.  This knife was a big deal for me because I have never had anything made custom to my specification before.  To know that it was done in such precision made this knife something I can finally call MY OWN.  

Dhanyabad !!!

Jorge A. Medina
Colorado, USA

PS.  I am now dedicating myself to learn your defensive/offensive fighting techniques with the kukri.  I have been a close quarter combat instructor when I was in the Marines.  This is an exciting undertaking which I won't take likely.

I just got my order today and WOW do you guys do excellent work! Its a beautiful blade, with a beautiful sheath! 10/10 will definitely buy from you guys again! Keep up the good work, this is the best knife i have ever bought!

Ethan Dingle

The Shree 5 Chirra` arrived today via DHL. Except for a small brown blemish on one side of the blade (will
come out with some buffing), it is an exquisite piece of craftsmanship. Thank you for the professional care you have extended to me.



Wayne Bjorken

Dear Apekcha,
I would like to inform you, that knives arrived in Slovenia. I must say that I like them a lot, they look very beautiful, all compliments for skilled workers which made them.

I didnt expect that will look so good. Our next order will be Shree 5 Chirra (General)
Thank you and Namaste,
Melita and Adriano

I received my order an the weekend. I like the Chitlange Superior very much!! Next Month I will ordered again!
Thanks a lot and best regards from Germany,

Dear Ms. Apekcha Pradhan,

Just letting you know that my order has arrived. I am extremely happy with the knives:) Thank you very much!!!!

Colin Anderson

Namaste to all

Many thanks – the order has arrived and is in good order

Looking forward to doing further business with you

Best regards
Hugh Bomford


I received my order a few days ago, and I wanted to take the time to write to compliment KHHI on the incredible craftsmanship of the two khukuris that I ordered. They are absolutely beautiful, and so skillfully crafted. I am beyond impressed, and the quality is simply incredible.

I'm so thankful to KHHI for not only creating such magnificent knives, but for doing so in such a time of strife for those at KHHI. I truly appreciate this, and I can guarantee that I'll be a returning customer in the near future.

Again, thank you so much for the work that went into these beautiful khukuris, as well as for the excellent service that was quite truly above and beyond.

Thank you,

Matt Yakubowski

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