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Testimonials (1st Hand)

I have received my order and love both my khukuris
Thank you

Brett Spencer

Jim Hilleary
Good morning and Namaste.  
I received the khukuri and I was very well pleased.  I have enclosed a picture showing the other items that are included in my home defense plan.  You have my permission to use the photos if you desire.
My next purchase will be one of the 5" pocket khukuri for everyday carry.  Again, Thank you so much for this fine work of art.
Jim HIlleary
Namaste. Just received the blade, couldn't keep hands off it. Very pleased, can't wait to put it to use. Nice, nice, nice!!!! David M. Cole

    I have received my knife and I am extremely pleased with it, it was definitely worth waiting for. I really appreciate your efforts in this matter.

thank you again
michael o'malley


Received my Kukri today and must say that I absolutely love it. The craftsmanship is superb and I have shown all my friends the knife and they all wanted the website info so I have them the Gurkha-Kukri.com address.
Thanks again for the awesome product and fast fast shipping.

Howard Greene

Dear sir
Thanks very much for your preparation of khukuris, my friend got all the 8 pieces immediately. i like all the pieces very much. i will introduce your website to all of my friends and i will book from your store if any more required in future.
Best regards.
A chinese in India.

Dear Ms. Apekcha Pradhan,

I have had my order for approximately an hour now and I am still in shock!  I am so happy and I feel like a child on Christmas morning finding out that Santa brought everything that I asked for.  I have been collecting knives for years and I must tell you that these are some of the best deals that I have ever transacted from any company.  I love my knives and I will be doing business with you again as soon as possible.  Thanky you.

Kind regards,

Jerome Harrison

Happy Customer

Dear KHHI ,

I would like to offer you my most humble appoliges to your company for my last Email  Its was so wrong of me to asume what i did I'm So SORRY   .. I recived my Kukri today by DHL . On opening my package i was so delighted with my Kukri ..  :) Its beautifly made a credit to your  craftsmen who may i say did a most wonderful job . Please Thank them on my behalf ... I'ts a delight to use .. Yes i have already tried it in the countryside where i live and do bushcraft .. I want to say i will be ordering more and will pass your good company's name to all my friends here in Texas and will recoment your Kuri's .
I hope this Email will be well recieved .. God Bless you all ..

Yours faithfully .. David Moorehead

Dear Ms Apekcha Pradhan,

We received the knives and we are happy with the purchase. One of the knives (the Jungle Panawal) seems to have the handle rather small and it's a bit unbalanced.

The products were carefully packed, oiled; the sheaths are carefully crafted.

Overall we could warmly recommend your services and products

Tiberius Dinu
Mr. Rai,

I wanted to let you know that I retrieved my khukuri (the Panawal Special "McCoy") yesterday from my business mail box and am very pleased with the overall craftsmanship and quality of your firm's work. I am glad that even in a small way, I can contribute economically to your country and perhaps ensure that the craft of khukuri-making continues to be preserved.

Not only did your company and its personnel provide exceptional customer service when I first asked some questions online for recommendations about various models, but the communication once I ordered and through the shipping process was "above and beyond" what most people would expect. You also delivered the order well before the holiday season; in fact, from order to receipt of the product was actually less than 2 weeks!

I do have one minor suggestion for shipping of your blades; while the package was very securely wrapped and the blade and handle were liberally coated in oil, a small amount of the oil did leak onto the insert materials (your company letter and brochure) which were packed with the khukuri. The sheath, which was wrapped in its own plastic, was not affected, so perhaps it makes sense to put your insert materials into plastic and/or package them with the sheath so they are not exposed to the oil.

At any rate, I will be more than happy to write a public testimonial if you would like and I will recommend your company without hesitation to anyone seeking authentic, high-quality khukuris. You have earned a customer who will return in the future and should I have the opportunity to travel to Nepal, I would most certainly enjoy the opportunity to visit your facility if it is open to the public.

Best wishes and Namaste,


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