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Testimonials (1st Hand)

My KHHI Max (Xtreme) just arrive, PERFECT !!! I'll order again very soon...
Thank you so much and Namaste.
Clinton Ong


I recently ordered a Kukri from yourselves.

I just wanted to give you my thanks for an excellent service, quality item and swift delivery.

Many thanks

Jake Hibbs

Dear Mr. Bivek
I don´t know how I´m happy...in last friday, november ,18, the postman knocked on my front door and guess what? He gave MY kukhuri!!!! yes, I felt myself like a child who was gifted with his first bycicle in Christma´s Eve... For sure, you and all the guys of the Kukhuri House made this old man happy as a kid! The WW model is amazing, the craftsmanship of you guys are unique in the world!! Pay attention that it was posted in November, 6, and arrived here 12 days latter! So, the mail postage is better than the DHL, who I blame guilty of all these mess. After 4 months, finally I have with 56 years old my beloved kukhuri knife! This one I will left to my older daughter, so soon I´ll buy another WW model for a friend of mine who become astonished after see it, and a patriotic model for my young boy. As Mr. Wayne Rutherford is the guy who have the international credit card (and with his support I was able to buy my knife) for sure will buy 2 Swiss models, in a short time you will have some news from Brazil and can pack all the knives together. Again thank you so much for your kindly way to handle with a simple customer like me and God bless you all in the Kukhuri House! Man, you really put tears in my eyes!

 A big hug from Brazil and namaste!
Sincerelly yours, all the best regards from your Brazilian friend
Doc Eduardo

Dear Ms.Apekcha
Thank you and Namaste, I have recieved my Bhojpure today, it beautiful and the workmanship is very good. Kudos to your Kami.
Lawrence Ng.
WOW.  My knife came today and it's WONDERFUL.  WOW WOW WOW!!

I'm going to order another.

Dear Apekcha Pradhan,

the khukuri we ordered was delivered two days ago. My son is delighted, the knife looks like expected. It is a nice handcrafted piece of art that is know exposed in his bedroom among other knives.

Thanks a lot, we were a bit concerned about the time it took to get it, but know all is all right, and we will recommend you as as reliable company that delivers good quality objects.


P Fustinoni

Dear Ms. Apekcha

Yesterday I received my Khukuri.
Everything was ok. It is a wonderfull knife.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards



I have received The khukuri, everything is beautifull made!!!!! I am inpressed by the handicraft from your kami's. Thanks for the service, and the superb made khukuri!

My best wishes
Greeting Rob

Dear friends form KHHI,
 At the beginning of December I received four ordered Kukris from you.
I would like to tell you some suggestions and opinions about your products I received.
Firstly I want to say that all kukris are really beautiful pieces of handcraft. As an amateur knife maker I appreciate your work and skills, especially in comparison with “kukri for tourists” my father brought me few years ago from Nepal. But there are some thing that need to be pointed as defects. 

Most serious of them is about cutting edge of “operation enduring freedom” kukri. One I received has asymmetric cutting edge – in other words, edge is placed not in the center of blade (you can see it at picture I attached). It is caused by different sharpening angle – at one side angle is about 10’, and 17’ at second one (pic. “angles”). This defect do not affects usability of the knife very much, but can be easily spotted and lowers value of the knife. What more, it can’t be repaired easily – it would require a good diamond file, lots of patience and many hours of work, to make edge look and work as it should. Using electro tools would shorten the time required, but it would increase risk of losing a temper of the blade. I am surprised that such thing happened, especially since three other blades are made without defects.

Second thing about OEFK is sheath – it is so tight that you need to use lots of force to take kukri out, or put it in.  It look like nobody ever checked it.
Both of this defects are strange in comparison with quality of my “jungle panawal (better)” kukri which is free of any such faults, but was more than 10$ cheaper.

Third thing to mention is thickness of the blade at the end of cutting edge (pic. “thickness”). Blade is about 6mm thick in that spot – such blade stuck in wood, not cutting deep enough, what seriously reduces chopping ability.

What needs to be mentioned is quality of karda support knifes – all of them (I have 4pices, including separately ordered “special karda”) have poor sharpness, and carelessly done blades, made without paying attention to details such as angles or blade shape .  That makes them rather useless, if you don’t spent at least few hours on re-sharpening.
Besides of all, thank you for your good work.
I prepared three small reviews of your knifes and uploaded them to YouTube. They do not mention any of disadvantages or defects – I treat them as mistakes inevitable when you make lots of items. But of course paying a bit more of attention to details is recommended.

Feel free to use those videos.
Below you will find links to those videos. Within a month or two there will appear more of videos about proper techniques of using kukri, and some tips.


I have also placed link to those movies at my facebook site. (http://www.facebook.com/projektbushcraft)

Best regards,
Jacek Straszak

Thank you!  The knives in my first order were incredible.  

It is nice to find a knife manufacturer that builds a quality knife that is inexpensive.  The temper is very impressive.

I will be a customer for life and will tell others about your products.
Thanks again,

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