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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Hello my Friend Saroj,

I have just received my Sirupate and once again  I congratulate you and your staff on another well made product from KHHI .

I would like you to thank your staff but especially thank Parshuram Biswakarma for his skills in producing this fine product of my Sirupate style Khukuri.

Kind regard,
Mike King, UK
Sale ID: D1424


Hi Saroj,
just as an addition to my last message regarding the new Sirupate.  It is very well built and with the hollow grind blade it feels both light enough in weight and also strong and robust enough for practical use !

I personally think it is a good idea to push the idea for a hollow grind blade for those people who intend to use their khukuris in a practical / outdoor environment .

I know this is more work from the Kamis and more expensive from a buyers point of view but well worth it. I am sure an additional section in your website explaining how a hollow grind can reduce the weight and balance the khukuri making it more easy to handle would bring in further sales !

Kind regards


I got the knife today and am very pleased with it... I took it out and tested it and love everything about the blade. I give the knife a 5 out of 5 stars.. the sheath is good but I will have to do a little work on it.. I give the sheath a 4 out of 5.. thank you so much for your service and I will be looking for a kukri for a deployment in the near future.
Thanks again
John M, USA
D ID 1440

Subject: Re: Schleisman SPL khukuri >>> custom design ID 1434


I got my knives and I am very happy. Thank you.

I will be in touch in a week or so to order again.

Have a great day.



I have received my service #1 this afternoon and it's a beautiful piece

I am very grateful for your work and thankful to own one at long last



Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 12:29 PM
To: sale@thekhukurihouse.com


Thank you i received the 15" Sirupatee with a Left handed Scabbard for me. Beautiful Khukri Beautiful Scabbard. Amazing weight and size. I really Appreciate this Khukri thank you to the Kami and his Workmates. 

Waldemar Lemos , NT, Australia

Received my khukhri todat cant express how satisfied I am with the craftsmanship. It is amazing! Thank you for your help! I will be ordering more in the future.  

Raymundo Rivas, USA
KHHI SALE ID; 18160 P2

Dear Saroj,
It's a success!  Our KHHI shipment arrived in excellent condition about an hour ago.  We are just about speechless. 

Allie opened the box and unwrapped her Savior first, and then I unwrapped my Chaos and followed by the Kydex scabbard.  Allie says it was like opening her first Christmas present ever.  Now she is wearing it on her belt, intermittently parading around the house and hugging me, saying "I am so happy; I seriously can't stop.  This is the best thing I ever got!"

We both appreciate your service as well as the craftsmanship of Shree Krishna and Bhim Bahadur.  Please thank them for us. 

Both of our handles fit our hands very well. 

So far, I find that the kydex sheath works best when set up for the left hip but worn on the right.  This is because the khukuri can then be unsheathed by drawing it forward through the sheath's side opening so that the blade edge does not scrape against the belt attachment fastening screws.

I can feel what you meant by the forward weight of the Chaos.  Any greater weight in front of the handle would be too much.  I can scarcely detect where the extra metal was removed to rectify the situation.  So, good job!  The traditional sheaths look very nice.  We are quite pleased, and we declare today a day of gratitude and relaxation. 

I will teach Allie a bit about knife fighting, insofar as I am a student of the Filipino arts of stick and knife martial arts. 

Probably at some point I will want to purchase a more traditional khukuri for myself, for everyday use.  Something along the lines of an actual service khukuri, or of the variety used around the house in your country.  

Again, thank you.  And be well.

Clarence and Allie, PA 17013 USA
custom-design ID 1441                



I have received my Mc Coy Khukuri in France. It is really beautiful and very well finished. Thank you for transmitting my congratulations to Parshuram Biswakarma (maker's Mark "P".) Bravo for this quality of manufacture, the quality of the packaging and the speed of dispatch. All is perfect.


Kind regards


Emmanuel OBLIN

Lieu-dit Le Bois Pépin

14350 LE TOURNEUR                

Dear Mr. Shilpa Lama:


My khukuri arrived today.  What a lovely weapon!  I am very pleased with your service and product.  I am sure I will treasure it for many years to come.  Thank you!

Robert Sutton                
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