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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Dear Gyanraj Basnet,

It is with pleasure that I can tell you that the kukris you sent me have now arrived safely.

Iill practice with the 6 kukris – to get a feel for their capabilities. As they are of quite different weight and length, and, hence, of different moments of inertia, the kukris will certainly handle quite differently.

During the coming summer vacation (July), we (my family) will be staying at our summer cabin, which is situated in a forest by a lake – it is a perfect place for carrying and using a kukri on a regular basis. I expect to order other of your kukris, that are of interest to me. I particularly like your “design your own kukri”-service – that one I will try.Possibly, you might be interested in a few first impressions that I have of the 6 kukris that I have received?

GI4 (Gurkha Issie 4): A splendid “tool” for whatever task that might be at hand! The handle is good to grasp. The scabbard is roomy enough, so that the blade can be drawn effortlessly. Furthermore, the scabbard has two straps/hoops(?) that make hanging the kukri from a belt unproblematic. It is easy to see that this was an army issue piece of equipment – when you need it, it will be ready in a flash!

3 Chirra (the Beast): If anything, the handle is even better than the one on the GI4. The single strap/hoop(?) of the scabbard makes it easy to hang the kukri from the belt. The scabbard itself has a problem, though. It is too tight fitting around the blade. If the blade is pressed into the scabbard all the way until the handle touches the top rim of the scabbard, it takes a lot of hard work to draw the blade out again. Somebody going into “harm’s way”, carrying this 3 Chirra, would have had to get another scabbard. There will be a next time when I order kukris from you, then I will buy another, roomier, scabbard for my 3 Chirra, which I know I will be very fond of. It is a fairly heavy kukri, but not being overly long, it is still easy to swing it quickly. It instills great confidence!

15” Victor: This is a MASSIVELY built kukri! It is not a kukri that will be easy to move quickly, that is, naturally, a result of it’s great length and large mass towards the point. The single strap/hoop(?) makes it easy to hang this kukri from a belt. If one would want to hang such a heavy kukri on a belt, is another matter. I will have to think about that. The maximum width of the handle is 38 mm and the depth is also 38 mm. That, together with the spacing of the “finger ridges”, make the handle more suitable for the hand of a giant, than hands of normal sizes. The handle design is excellent, and I will want to have this type of handle on at least one of the kukris I am to order from you, but I think you should consider making the handle quite a bit slimmer (width and depth) and also making the finger ridges less pronounced. In this context: it is not uncommon to find finger ridges on handgun grips. If these ridges are tall and the spacing is such that the ridges do not fit the shooter’s hand, the gun so equipped, can be very uncomfortable to shoot.

Einar Fernholt


KHHI Team,

I received both of my khukuris yesterday. I am extremely happy with the quality and craftsmanship of your products. I will be more than happy to refer KHHI to any other khukuri enthusiasts that I know, and I look forward to purchasing other khukuris from KHHI in the future.

Please extend a warm thanks to your team and talented craftsmen. I will have to stop by in person to visit, when I visit Nepal in the future.

Best regards,

I received the Khukuri about 10 days ago and am very grateful.  You did a great job.  Thank you.

PS – if I want another sheath - which can take being put into salt water - do you make those?  I believe the material commonly used is cordura.  Again thanks for doing a great job. 

Stuart P.Buchanan

Swann & Hadley,
P.A.1031 W. Morse Blvd.
Suite 350Winter Park, FL  32789
 Phone:   407-647-2777
Fax:       407-647-2157  
Hello, Sir

I recieved my order on Friday (March 5th). Thank you very much for the wonderful products. I admire the skill that went into their making. I hope to order from you again soon.

Thank you and as you say,


Dear Gyanraj,

My restored Khukuri arrived in the post yesterday and now takes pride of place in my house on the wall

I must thank you for the quality of work you have performed.  The complete knife and sheath look like they are new!  You have done a wonderful job of restoring it all and I cannot thank you enough.

Most importantly, my grandmother is ecstatic as it was her husband that used the knife in burma while fighting alongside the Ghurkas in World War II.  She is delighted that it has been restored to its former glory rather than just being stored awat in the attic space. Again I thank you for your great service.



My khukuri order arrived a few days ago. I could not be more pleased! They are wonderful works of art made by true craftsmen. The quality is truly the best.

I would like to extend my thanks to all involved in the entire process from the making to the shipping. I am excited about obtaining more of your products and will be ordering again in about two months

Many thanks,

Michael MillerNorthumberland,

I received my order today,and am very pleased overall.

Thank You for your service

Joseph Campfield

Gyanraj Basnet,

Thank you very much your and all of KHHI member's work to making and shipping our khukris against the difficulties.

The package arrived and the blades are fantastic! Thank you very much the professional quality and the high level ability of your craftsmen. I'm very happy to selected KHHI, I think we will be returning clients.I think our colonel's celebration will be very-very memorable with this present!

With best regards,

Kiss Zoltan
Hi there,

My Kukri (order #2433) 15" defender, just arrived. Thanks a lot. TNT is a good and fast courier. I am interested though what kind of steel you use for the knives. I like steel and am curious what kind you use for the blades, and what type of stone you would recommend to sharpen the blade.

Thanks. --

Dear Gyan,

I received my khukuri knives yesterday.  I am amazed how quickly they got here from Nepal!  Our own US Postal Service isn't that efficient! I also want to tell you that I am impressed with the knives I received. 

Two of them will be on display at my home (when I'm not actually using them) and the rest will be gifts to my family and friends.  They are something I will be very proud to give! Thank you for your excellent service.  I'm sure I will be doing business with you again.


LTC Robert George 
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