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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Received my order I am very pleased at the outcome the workmanship is quite nice it is a welcome addition to my collection ... will be ordering again
thank you,
Ken White, NY 14211, USA
custom-design ID 1438
greetings and many blessings of the eternal lord to you and family, mr. LAMA is a privilege to have bought my khukri knives from your bussines. KHHI a real work of art. thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Maryland USA
Laurence John Oliver, Sweden
Hi Saroj :)
A quick message for you and the Kami responsible for making my Panawal :) THIS is what *I* call a knife :) I love it - very much :)

Laurence John Oliver, Sweden
Sale ID / Warranty #: 17932 P1
PS: I am going to name her ''Tusk'' - as in the tusk of the wild boar :)
Dear Shilpa Lama!

I have got to tell you that my khukuri has unexpectedly early arrived on Friday last week.
DHL has it delivered to my neighbor next door because I was`nt at home. I think that transportation and the packaging were excellent. No damages at all.  Everything promised at the order was there (the papers).

After the unpacking of the scabbard, it smells so good, the khukuri got unpacked.

What a pleasure! This khukuri is very, very well crafted. It is a 'Beauty`. It is a piece
of Art. The maker Mr. Mangaldhan Biswakarma is an artist. Many, many thanks!

I can say about my `Beauty` already now: I like it better from day to day. By the way: It is also a frightening `Beauty`.

I thank you very much in deed!

At the end: Please may I kindly ask ou: What means Namaste?
I am looking forward for your response.        

With my best regards!
Karl Heinz Maria Heckmann
KHHI SALE ID: 17928 P1
Dear Saroj,

My Barun Tri Angkhola khukuri was just delivered to me. Once, again, I am extremely impressed! This khukuri is, indeed, an excellent synthesis of performance characteristics. It also has excellent fit and finish. Even the edge is unusually sharp.

The "customized" handle is a great success. It fits my hand very comfortably. I look forward to "field testing"this khukuri after the weather "breaks".

Thank you for your attention and for the excellent service.

John Schedel, USA
Hello Saraj,

I have had several camping trips with this angpana i purchased from you and it has been a beast to work with. I knew when i pulled it out of the box i was going to enjoy this monster blade.  Hacking through the rhododendron and mountain laurels have been what this blade is all about in this region. This is a temperate rain forest where i live, the angpana was a good choice for what i am up against.

I am looking through your catalog and planning to purchase another blade soon.  

Curtis Wright, USA
Good morning dear Mr. Saroj,
thank you very much for these knives which your company made me. I am very satisfied with rigorous quality. They are marvelous and even my wife likes them. I was very very anxious, like a little children who are waiting for the new gift. The result is excelent. The main purpose will be displaying them in the shelf. Could you greet your colleagues who made them. They are very skilled craftsmen so I have to honestly thank them. To declare lower price is smart of you, so I didn´t have to pay tax from this order. Shipping was very fast. Wrapping of this goods was very well did so the goods came me without any damage. Because of the comunication with you and because of very good quality of your goods and all service of your company I will do the next order in a few days. Could you tell me which of your kukri knife is favourite for you? Thank you.

Have a nice day, your very satisfied customer
Subject: Received my Khukuri, Thanks

Dear Mr. Shilpa Lama,
Today I received the shipment of my Khukuri order 13446 P1 for the BSI #2 2016/2017 Khukuri. Thank you very much for all your assistance in sorting out the details. I’m very pleased with the Khukuri. It appears to be very well made and of high quality. Please also pass my appreciation to the Kami Mr. Tilak Bahadar Biswakarma, symbol “T” for his excellent workmanship.
I look forward to dealing again in the future with your fine company,

john conley
United States of America 

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Jamie lynch. Australia

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3-Apr-2017 4:02:27 PM


3-Apr-2017 4:17:48 PM

4:02:27 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:
    Thank you so much guys and girls for making the best knife. I just got it today. Thanks from Australia 🌏

4:02:48 PM:



4:03:34 PM: Jamie lynch. Australia:
    Tell everyone that work so hard to make them please xo

4:03:40 PM:

4:03:58 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:
    Thanks so much

4:04:48 PM:
    well, thank you for appreciation. I will inform all my team

4:04:48 PM:
    good afternoon sir

4:04:50 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:
    It's so butefual

4:05:29 PM:
    thank you for buying from KHHI sir

4:06:01 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:
    Please do thay work so hard. Thay are the best

4:06:54 PM:
    have good day sir...

4:07:00 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:
    I will always buy from yous guy's. Nice and hand made. Love it

4:07:58 PM:
    your appreciations encourage us to make more good Quality

4:08:03 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:
    Please tell the hard working people of Nepal

4:08:48 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:
    I hope I spelling is right

4:09:03 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:

4:09:10 PM:
Jamie lynch. Australia:


4:09:59 PM: khukurian_1:
    sure. its our pleasure to make you happy


Hello. I received the Khukuri and I thought I ordered the stand with it. I don’t see anything reflected on my order, but I thought I clicked that button.

By the way, it is a marvelous piece of work. I am overjoyed with it.

Many thanks.

Matt Jones, USA
Sale ID / Warranty #: 13410 P1
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