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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Malina, finally I have my khukury!!!!!
It´s wonderful!!!
 Sergio A. Artaza
>> may order arrived today and was more than pleased with the workman ship.
John Owen
The blades arrived yesterday, excellent quality and beautiful blades. Thanks  for your awesome work, and for taking the time to let me know that there would be delays.
Charles B Pait
Received the mini panawal, it is really a beautiful knife. I compared it with the Himilayan Imports one I have and I think the grinds of your kukri is better. I have to use it in cutting to compare in terms of ability but for now the fit and finish of your kukri is much nicer. Thanks.

I'll be looking forward to the 3 chirra very much now. Please let me have the tracking number when you have it and also (like for mini panawal) please follow my requests with regards to shipping.

Thanks again, very nice workmanship.

 I ordered two of the ceremonial Khukuris as gifts for my wedding party. They are absolutely beautiful. The craftmanship is excellent. I am not a collector, but I know a quality piece when I hold it, and your knives are very fine pieces.
John Chappelle
Dear Sirs: 
The Salyani Khukri just received is magnificent; nicely weighted, strong, well-balanced with a perfect blade length.  The handle fits my large hands as if it was custom made.  The blade, handle and scabbard are beautifully decorated.  The  high quality craftsmanship is self-evident.  I haven't seen another khukri like it.  The unsharpened blade will have an edge on it soon enough. 
My compliments to the blade and scabbard makers for their fine work. I am happy to support them by buying the product. 
The founders of KHHI were correct to preserve this important part of Nepal's heritage.  I salute the company for making local Khukri's available and for maintaining a nice Web site where those of us in other countries can see the Khukri's, read an accurate description and buy them.  The delivery service was great and kept me informed of the shipping progress.  The KHHI staff was very helpful and answered my questions promptly.  I am very pleased and thank all of you.  The Salyani will be displayed in my home and occasionally used for pruning.  
Thanks again and Namaste.       
I received today the blades, all OK, I'd like to thank You all for your kindness.
Once I make the handles I'll let you know (it will take months...).
Thank You,
Best Regards
Remi Bridot
I received my order two khukuri and I am very happy with the work you do, the knives are superb.
Many thanks and namaste !!!
Remi Bridot
Dear Malina,
The two Khukuris, coin and small crossed Khukuri badge were delivered this morning at 0820 hrs Central Australian Time. I am very pleased with all of the pieces and would like to say, thank you very much for your assistance. Please pass on my best wishes to all at Khukuri House.
Namaste,   Brian Selby, Adelaide South Australia.
Dear Gyanraj Basnet
I am just writing a quick note to say thank you. My Khukris arrived on Monday and they exceed my expectations. It almost feels like you knew me when you made them as they are exactly what I had in mind when I first made my enquiry. I feel very honoured to own two such superb hand made Khukris from KHHI. Please can you pass on a big thank you to all the team of skilled crafts men that have worked to make them.

I will recommend to any one that is looking to purchase a khukri to look no further than yourselves.

I hope I will be able to make another order soon

Thank you again


I would like others to know what a great job you did of my Khukris, the skill that when in to making them and the years of expert knowledge you have in the designs.
The welds on my Khukris are absolutely fine. They have been done extremely well and I would not have noticed them had you not pointed them out to me. They add to the character of some thing that has been hand made by a master craftsman, I very much appreciate the skill that has gone in to making them.I wish you all the best and hope to speak to you again soon.

Thank you

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