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Ghurka Knives- buy from the producer who makes for Army

Testimonials (1st Hand)

I received the shipment several days ago.  the knives are magnificent.  more
stout than I had expected.  excellent job.  thank you very much.  I found
only one that I should have mentioned before I ordered the knife.  I am left
handed.  the knife sheath is for a right handed person.  I thought I could
simply remove the belt loop and turn the sheath around.  but from looking at
it, I think I can't do this without damaging the sheath.  do you make sheaths
for left handed users of this knife?  if so, how can I get one.

again, thank you for the wonderful pieces of craftsmanship.  because I
received the knives, I assume that the strike is over.  I hope all is well
with you and your family.

Bill Smith

              I recieved my kukri today. I am very happy!! I will be ordering from you again in the future. Thank you for an outstanding work of art.Namaste,

Jason E Cornu

Hello Malina,
Just received the knives ,
This is truly craftmanship!
I'm very pleased with it and will use them well!
Planning to make a new order soon and make as much PR as possible to my friends!
Thanks for the gifts you send along!
best Regards and Namaste,
John Kellenbach  ,    Belgium
Hi, I bought a khukri a month or so ago and am very happy with it.  I have made a review of my knife and posted it on Youtube.  I thought you might like to take a look.  Feel free to use the vid on your site if you wish.  I hope this adds to your sales.

All the best
Dear Sirs/Madam:
I am in receipt of the Khukuris AngPana for Jungle, your sale #5333.  I would like to thank you so much for an excellant piece of workmanship and quality.  These pieces will endure a lifetime of appreciation and memory of your culture and dedication.  I will treasure this part of my collection.  Also, the shipping was fast and accurate.
I will not hesitate to tell my friends about this experience and will certainly order from you again.
Namaste' and Peace
Joseph Cherry
Greetings Mr. Basnet,
I received my order last week and was very happy with the quality of your khukuri.
I wanted to take advantage of your anniversary offer with the free 8 inch Anniv Jungle for each khukuri ordered, so I just ordered 2 more khukuri.
Thank you again and looking forward to doing business in the future,
Bill Scribner
Greetings from the UK
Delighted to inform you that package has safely arrived. Very pleased with item
Regards and best wishes to the people of Nepal
Mark Saunders
Dear KHHI,

thanks a lot for the Kukri: I think it's only the first of a series...
beautiful items!
beautiful blade!
beautiful scabbard!
good package, fast shipment and no custom taxes!
recommended to all italian knives collector!

ciao e grazie

Good Morning, Shilpa Lama...
Thank You for the assurances in your note...  as you may have realized I did do a fair amount of research. I noted quite a bit of variation among the numerous "vendors" both here in the States, and abroad... Although by reviewing the policies and taking as close a look as the posted pictures allow, it is pretty clear to me that I made the right decision when I finally determined to make my purchase through KHHI. Instead of the numerous wholesalers and middlemen I encountered both On-line and at local "shows." Most of whom were selling discounted inferior "counterfeit" merchandise, it bears remembering that the Latin phrase "caveat emptor" is as important a quote today as it ever was.
I've been conducting my search and reviewing these sites for the better part of a year, and yours by far takes the most professional approach, with through explanations of the various Khukuri you offer and their respective uses, than any other that I was able to locate... In fact a number of sellers are for lack of better wording, attempting to appear similar to your site and selling similar "models..." (by name & style) Although if you look closely at them, they are obviously of inferior quality to yours and very likely produced in countries quite unrelated to the historically appropriate locales.
I do very much appreciate your personal attention to detail, and assurance that my order is being handled in a professional and prompt manor. I greatly look forward to receipt of my KHHI Khukuri, and to future purchases. I am confident that your attention to detail, efforts to maintain high levels of originality and local commitments to the community, are the types of positive influences that will result in a quality product as well as support the indigenous community. All noteworthy aspects of why I selected KHHI, and where I will undoubtedly be making any of my future purchases from, as well as recommending to my Associates...
Thank you, John
Chavis Three Sticks

This afternoon I received my first knife from your company and I must say it is a beautiful piece of work,
thank you ever so much! 

Chavis Three-Sticks
2345 N. Circle Drive
Col Spgs, Co. 80909
719.633.5775 (h)
719.244.6582 (c)
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Hello again,
     Regarding the knife there is, however, one issue I’d like to point out. There is a visible crack where the bolster meets the blade on both sides. I thought of returning the knife to have it perfected, but in the time it will take to get it there and to have it corrected and shipped back to me I can find a way to have it repaired over here. Regardless, I do like the knife and will be ordering three more in the next month to see if I can sell them in Colorado, thank you all.

Chavis Three-Sticks
2345 N. Circle Drive
Col Spgs, Co. 80909
719.633.5775 (h)
719.244.6582 (c)
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