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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Dear Khukri House,
            Hello this is Davis Hawk. Sorry I have not got to you sonner, I just wanted to thank you for the Survival Kuhkri you gave me, and that I will try to send you some photos. I love the Nepalese inscriptions on it as well. It is some fine craftsmenship you all have and I am proud to be a fan of your cutlery.
                                                                                Davis Hawk   
For this beautiful knife I bought from you a while ago. It is the Jungle version with the rat tail tang and buffalo hide handle.

I have used it to cut posts for shelters, I have used it to cut boughs for bedding, and to clear vegetation from campsites.

I must say I am completely taken with it and I am sure it will not be the last khukuri I purchase from you!

The craftsmanship is amazing...beauty and functionality rolled into one.
I have just placed some vinegar-soaked paper towels over the blade to give it a patina as it was getting stained from usage.

But don't change a thing! And don't start using stainless steels, which are garbage in a field knife.  Your carbon steel Khukuris are just the ticket when it comes to a good field knife.<>Thank You for your help!

Thank you for the fast shipment of my kukuri. The knife arrive in good shape and takes a fine edge. The only problem is the karda it had a small chip out of the blade. I am in the process of filing it down and trying to put a good edge on it. Again let me thank you for a good product at an excellent price.

Michael King

Dear Shilpa,
I think that your customers would appreciate a ‘finer’ finish on the handle.  The quality of workmanship on the blade is wonderful especially the small brass inlay which you do not mention(!).  So the handle does not match the effort put into the blade.   Most people are aware of the khurkri used by the armed forces and it has a very high finish, cheap mild steel copies of the khurkri have a very high degree of finish and often knives are judged on being ‘shinny and polished’ rather than steel quality.
It took me about 15 minutes with fine sand paper to give the handle a wonderful smooth feel after that I applied a fine oil/wax which brought up the colour.  The churi knife is perfection.. it is a wonderful and elegant working tool with a great feel in the hand.


I received my new knife yesterday. It is truly impressive. I am very pleased with the workmanship and quality. My thanks to the persons who crafted the knife and case.

Thank You
 Robert W.

Hello Malina

Just wanted you to know I received my Balance Khukuri order today (12-20-08). It was in fine order and I am very pleased with it. This is my second order from Khukurihouseonline and I look forward to ordering more in the future. 

        Thanks again.
Mark Beadle
HI KH just wanted to tell you all that my order-5038 one G-13 and one chinautee village just got dropped off at my house. WOW they are much better looking in person than the pictures both are very massive fine blades. i must commend your KAMIS they are both very fine blades outstanding FIT and FINISH also both the blades are very very SHARP. now comes the hard part trying to pick out some more kukris  from your outstanding selection to purchase.

Dear Sirs,
You have one more satisfied customer.
The delivery has already just arrived. This is an INCREDIBLE delivery period of only ONE WEEK!
The Khukri is also wonderful, I already love it!
Thank you,

Dear Malina,
thanks for all your great efforts and all the great people at KH.I received my 4 khukri order today and I'm very happy!I took the Khukri's over to the Everest restaurant by my place and the co-owner from Nepal loved them.The other owner Raj is on vacation in Nepal and will be back this week.I gave Major Tom (Gurka)his SiruPate 15"(famous)and he was very pleased!He said everything is Karma.I'm also very grateful for the splendid Khukri's 15"Vengence and twin SiruPate's!
Thankyou very much!
Major Tom and I went the other day to the war museum here in Calgary and found the 2 old Khukris in the glass case from the WWII in Italy and contemplated on the sacrifies that Gurkas must have under gone ...
Thanks again and wish you and KH all the best!!!

P.S. hopefully 3 Chirra will turn up?!If there's anything I can do to assist you please let me know as I honestly sent it to you through Canada Post.Thankyou!

Om Na mya Shivia.
Jim Weitmann

I just received my order from y'all. Thanks.
Buddha is welcome.
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