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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Namaste, dear friends!  I'm writing to let you know that the substitute
kukhri you send AND the lovely small brass kukhri letter opener both arrived here in Arizona today in perfect condition!  I'm so very touched by your generosity and kindness.

I couldn't imagine that you would not only send me a better kukhri than the one I had ordered, but include the letter opener as well!  I won't insult your generosity by insisting to pay you the difference between the cost of my original order and the cost of these two knives, but I will tell you that you have one very satisfied customer!

I plan to carry the 6" kukhri with me in the field this summer on an
archaeological expedition to southwest Tibet and I will think of my Nepali friends daily as I look to the south!

Thank you so much for your friendship and generosity!  I value both very much and assure you I will be ordering more products from you in the future!

With warm regards,

John Olsen. Arizona, USA

I'm writing because I would like to thank you for making and delivering a top notch kukri.  I really love everything about my new kukri, the overall quality, look and craftsmanship.  The kukri I ordered is amazing and  beautiful, simply impressive.

Just to let you know, I'm taking my new kukri half-way across the globe,  form US to Australia, on a 6 months long backpacking trip.  With such great  kukri, nothing stands in the way !

Big Thanks, Darek.
Dear Khukuri House,

I have just received my khukuris, and I am very satisfied with them.
They are nicelly crafted, and sharp looking.

Many thanks for engraving initials according to my design.

Andrzej Fasciszewski
Dear Quickway anf Khurihouse,

The package arrive yesterday afternnoon in Salalah and one of people brought
it to Thumrait last evening. Thank you for your help getting the package to Oman.

For Khurihouse: The knives are very nice. Today we will show off you knives  and we may be doing business with you again.

Best regards, Jerry Bjornstad

I received my order today and the Kukris are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much!  I really appreciated the extra Standard Kukri!  Your customer service is outstanding and I will recommend you everyone who wants this superb knife.  Once again – thank you.  You will hear from me again!  Keep up the great work!!!!!

Dan Umstead, USA

Dear Sirs,

yesterday arrived my next wonderful knife, a Bahadur. It is my foorth khukri which I got from you, and this time I am as satisfyed as I was earlier. A very nice, well balanced, sharp knife with a solid scabbard. Actually, it will be not my knife, but I am going to give it to my son - if he will be elder. I am sure, this Bahadur will be a true and reliable companion in his life as it derives from the habit of te gurkhas.

Thank you and I wish you all the best and hapiness.

Erik Haupt, Vienna, Austria

Hi Namaste,

I recieved my kukri today and I am very pleased with it.
Thank you for your excellent customer service in answering my e-mails and addressing my concerns.

I hope the problems (strike) you are experiencing resolve themselves in a way that is beneficial to everyone.
I look forward to doing business with you in the future ( there are other types of kukris I still wish to buy).
A happy customer
David Garrett
Dear Khukurihouse,

I received my jungle panawal khukuri and the paper cutter in good time.  It was received on thursday, March 22.  I cannot believe that it traveled halfway around the world so fast.  The khukuri is in excellent condition-I love the full tang handle.  It has already been put to use trimming trees in the yard.  It is a pleasure to use and holds its edge well.

I am still obtaining goods to send for the kamis, and will send a donation soon as well.  Thanks again.  I will order again soon, and hope to start my business in September or October of this year.  I will correspond often.  Thanks again, your blades are always worth the wait.

Sincerely, Steve Selby.
Recently, my 15" special model khukuri arrived, and I wanted to express to you my satisfaction with it.

After closely examining and admiring it, and wiping the oil from the blade, I put it to hard work right away. After all, it is a tool to be used, not looked at.

A large cedar tree had fallen in the yard this winter, and it provided an oppourtunity to try out my new khukuri.
Very sharp as shipped, the blade easily chopped through the large branches, and in no time, the old tree was reduced to several piles of logs and branches.

All cuts were clean, with most shearing right through large branches with one swing. The design of this blade is such that it always hits it's target on an angle, providing a shearing effect, as well as chopping at the same time. A very efficient cutting tool, to say the least.

I am very impressed with the size, weight, edge, and construction of this fine tool. The blade did not dull, dispite a great deal of heavy chopping, and the handle proved very comfortable to use. In short, I am very pleased with this blade, and would like to extend my thanks to your Kamis who crafted it.

I am expecting a birth in the family, and will be placing an order soon for a khukuri with the silver sheath, and perhaps some engraving to present to the child's parents. Gentlemen, once again, thank you for providing such a great tool.

Take care, and namaste.   - G.S. Thomas, USA
Hi there,

I just recieved the two Khukuri's that I ordered and I want to say thank you for the neat packaging and I was really impressed with the craftmanship and quality of the blades. Especially the thickness of blades, wow I am very happy with my purchase.

Thank you very much
Kind Regards
Eric Uys
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