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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Dear Saroj Lama and Pukar,

I received my shipment of Khukuris today and I am very pleased.  They are truly works of art and function.  You have a quality operation and I must say I am impressed with your customer service.  Very few places in the world can compete with the way you treat your customers.  I hope to deal with you again soon.

Thanks for everything
Namaste, Wade Najem, UK
Dear Madam or Sir
I am writing to you to express my great satisfaction with my order. I found both the quality of the knife pourchased as well as the handeling of my order as being of excellent quality standard; I am particluarly pleased with the speed at which my order was processed.
For many online customers, ordering online from a country far abroad (Nepal) that does not yet, although unjustifyingly, enjoy the reputation of  the "western" world, your company stands out as an example to follow. You have perfectly understood that online purchasing is an experience whereby the customer needs to feel that he can trust the counterparty, especially once the payment was issued. Your follow-up emails as well as track&trace of the package through the shipping partner provide exactly the kind of reassuring feeling and confirmation a buyer is looking for. Bravo! May I ask you to forward this message of gratitude to the staff and people involved in the productiona nd shipment of my order?
On a more business oriented matter I am pleased to inform you that I have recommended you already to some of my friends and intend to buy more khukri's for birthdays of my relatives and friends in the nearby future. 
Best regards from Hong Kong
Symon Tilberis
Hello Saroj lama,
Sorry I have taken so long to write to you. I have received the Khukuri which I have won in the November 2006 quiz game on the 17th of January 2007.

I have two khukuris, one was made in China, the other one was made in India. When I put them together I can see the one from KH was very well finished, hold it in the hand I can feel the quality and beauty in the workmanship in it. I will treasure your khukuri. A lot of hard work must have put into the making of this khukuri. I will try to send you a photo of myself and the Khukuri later.

Thank you KH,
Doug Chen
Dear Saroj,
My custom 18" panawal khukuri arrived today. It is beyond my expectations. The craftmanship is excellant and the sheer power of the knife has to be seen and handled to be believed. I would consider it a sword as its heft and ruggedness make it a two hander. It is truly a magnificent piece and the finest in my collection. The Service No.1 is also a very fine blade. I have two other military khukuris that were made in India and your piece is far superior in both craftmanship and ruggedness. Once again I thank you for your honesty and integrity. I look forward to doing business with you again.
Richard P. Kirschner
I wanted to let you know that I have received my order and I am very happy with your product.  The workmanship is outstanding and I am very pleased with the high quality of the khukuri's that I ordered.  The extra khukuri that was included, because of the delay in shipping, I gave to my son and he is very pleased with it.
I will be sure to tell all of my friends who are looking for a high quality knife and want to deal with professional people who take pride in their work to contact the Khukuri House Online. 
Thank you very much,
Terence Clark
Dear Saroj Lama,

I received everything on Monday afternoon. I was very happy to get the delivery. I opened the box very carefully and unwrapped three extraordinary knives. The craftsmanship of the Dhankute White is outstanding. Though I will avoid using it, the Dhankute is also obviously built sturdy enough to be used if necessary. The stand that you provided will work very well for displaying the knife and scarab attractively in my home. The 18 inch wooden is very impressive to say the least. The handcrafted details are first rate. I am happy to own something so foreboding yet so beautiful. The fighting knife seems to be nearly perfect for combat. It is certainly "All Business". The design of the handle not only eliminates slipping when soaked, it also drastically reduces any vibration or effect that the impact from a strike might have on the wrist or elbow. I am equally impressed with the hide scabbards. From the woodwork to the natural wrap and metal accents, they are constructed very well. I am very pleased that the scabbards are smooth, silent and secure. Finally I'd like to say that I will enjoy accenting my favorite ties with the silver pin. It will be a nice conversation piece.
I know there were delays that stemmed from my request for a large Dhankute White and I greatly appreciate your efforts to find the larger horn. The knife that I have know is worth waiting for and I wanted to say thank you to all of you for your craftsmanship, your quality and your service. I offer a special thanks to you Saroj Lama, for your personal efforts and for always relating to me openly and honestly. It has been a pleasure doing business with Khukuri House.

Namaste, Thomas Coombs, USA
Dear Saroj,

Have today received the Kukri's and I am absolutely thrilled with the superb quality and workmanship of the knives. They are truly awesome!Thank you so much for the engraving work and the speedy delivery.It was a pleasure to deal with your company and I look forward to placing
further orders in the future.

My grateful thanks to the craftsmen who made the knives.
Kind regards,

David Roderick
From Aaron Rosenlund

All the knives I ordered have arrived, and were an instant hit! The 9 I got in were very well received, and people began asking me when
I was planning on ordering more!

In the next week or two, I will be sending an order to you for moreknives, exactly like the ones you have already made and shipped. I greatly appreciate your dedication to customer service, despite thedifficulties in your country. I pray for the safety and health of you
and your employees- and families of all living and working there.

Its Dave Sheppard here from England. Just to say that my order arrived yesterday in good order. Many thanks again for your excellent service.
The Khukuri's are superb and are just what I was after. The quality of them is second to none and they are good and sharp.

Your Khukuri's are the best quality I have found anywhere in Nepal.

Many  Thanks once again,

Dave Sheppard.
P.S. Please use this letter for feedback if you so wish.
John F. VanDerKooy:

Hello! My 15'' Sirupate arrived today. After inspecting the blade I must say that I am very impressed. The forging is excellent, and so is the fit and finish. This blade is clearly no toy! I almost feel sorry for the Japanese who encountered the Gurkas in battle; the 15'' Sirupate is a fearsome weapon.

Sincerely, John V
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