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Testimonials (1st Hand)

Subject: SALE ID 13362

Hi Shilpa, For your testimonial page.
I recently purchased  three knives from khukurihouseonline the craftsmanship is out standing the balance and the feel of these knives in my hand feels  so natural i have hardly been ale to put them down.
As well as the quality/ authenticity of these knives i was impressed by the amount of information provided about the craftsman, ethics and morality to which this company adheres i will be back in the future.

kind regards
mike Scott
QL, Australia

Subject: Order 3 chirra khukuri
Sale ID / Warranty #: 13398 P1

Hi, i got the 3 Chirra today and i just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
It s a very nice knife and the shipping via dhl was very fast too. I also not need to pay the tax because the invoice was 20 $ (incl. shipping), thank you.
I think i will order again with you.
Best regards from Germany

My Dear Saroj ,




My Khukuri  knives have at last arrived  and I am astounded by the skill by which they are made by your Kamis and the beauty of KHHI kHUKURI KNIVES


I have examined them and they are practically faultless .  Everything about them is professional even the fit into the scabbards are perfect , which is sometimes a complaint with people on the forums . The large one you made for my friends birthday is absolutely wonderfull and I love the colour horn !!!

Everything is finished off to a good standard . Keep that standard going with your Kamis and you will gain the best reputation . Please thank all your Kamis from me to them , they do a great job . And also thank you Saroj for being patient with me  with the orders .

Saroj , I would have no problem Taking these Khukuries round with me to demonstrate KHHI products if and when it comes off , which I hope it will !


I have just had news that I will probably be gouing over to Rwanda in Africa to train their Fire Service again in January , but I wont be there for long and will be on hand to be of service to yourself and the good name of KHHI . jUST KEEP IN CONTACT WITH ME .

All the best wishes to you and your family and also your staff at KHHI.

Kind regards .


Mike King
United Kingdom

Dear Saroj,

This is simply to inform you that I safely received the parcel last week, and that the kukhri ordered looks splendid!


I am sure my son  will be delighted with the present and I wanted to thank you again for the excellent service.


All the best to you and your team!
Jean-Luc Dascotte,

Fullname: Mike King
City: sunderland
Country: UK
Email: mikeking.1957@yahoo.co.uk
Subject: testimonial

Comments or Queries: I would just like to write a testimonial in support of the excellent service and the quality of the products I received recently from KHHI . It is quite rare these days to receive personal service to the standard you get when dealing with KHHI , but Mr Saroj Lama himself kept in contact with me on a regular basis and was very helpful and obliging every step of the way from the customising of my khukuris right through to the delivery stage . The quality of these khukuris is practically faultless, and I send my sincere thanks to the hard working Kamis who made it possible . I will also mention the Administration staff who work away in the background to make the whole transaction run smoothly . My recommendation is , if you are ! looking for a genuine and original Nepalese Khukuri that is a hand built quality product , combined with a quick and efficient service , then look no further than Khukuri House Handicraft Industry . Well done. Mike King



Just now received my khukuri. I must say i am extremely pleased by your work on khukuri and delivery was also very quick, it only took 2 days to deliver. I got what i saw in pictures and you more then fulfilled my expectations. I am very satisfied with your service and your help provided in changing my order. You made me your loyal customer and i will be ordering more khukuri from you guys in future.

I will be pleased to recommend khukuri house to anyone who is looking to buy khukuri.



Jatin Bhandari, UK
KHHI SALE ID: 17301 P1



I just received the much awaited hand made khukuri from you! It is truly awesome. I just love that is handcrafted and the knife is really a beautiful and strong workhorse. I could not resist but I went into the woods the very same night that I received the parcel from you. It is truly powerful; so well designed and crafted.


I appreciated making business with you guys! Please do give my best regards to the skilled craftsman and continue honoring the khukuri, ghurkas and the Nepalese people the way that you so beautifully do already. 


Warm and very appreciating regards from Göteborg, Sweden!


All the best, Jonas from Sweden


Jonas Hjerpe, Ph.D.

Business Transformation Leader & 

Strategic Development Partner


Just received my knife ! Thank you I did not expect that quality it is absolutely beautiful and what a beast, recommendations all round. Anthony, United Kingdom

Hi Saroj,

This is to let you know that I received my khukuri and I'm very happy with it, the quality and crafmanship is impeccable, thank you to all the team at KHHI.



Bernard Boutin, Quebec
J7V 7E5

Hi Saroj,
Just wanted to let you know I received the knife. The Khukuri is excellent! Nothing but praise!
Thanks so much!

Matt Gamperl, USA (bought from KHHI US depot)

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