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Testimonials (1st Hand)

I know it is late in Nepal but it is 2:30 PM here in New York State. So no reply is necessary. I have just received my order from you and I wanted to let you know. The fit for them to their scabbards is very nice. The finish on the Khukris is excellent. I hope you pass on to your talented Kami's my appreciation for their skillful craftsmanship. It is a pleasure doing business with you. I definitely will refer people to your shop. Also I will be looking forward to purchasing more of your fine items.Be well in all things.

Wes Clark (Sale ID / Warranty #: 17395 P1)


i received my kukri bodyguard, thank you very much it even looks cooler than on the picture, really nice work of your kami Kiran Biswakarma, thank you, you are an artist.

olcay seref, Germany
Sale ID / Warranty #: 17435 P1

I just wanted to say that this blade is awesome.  Great job.  Thank you.

Colemon Jones,
Phoenix , AZ 85015 USA
who ordered a LARGE mukti, 40” at 15 mm thickness

Dear Sirs !
I herewith acknowledge receipt in excellent condition of the khukuris I ordered with your company. Delivery was fast and smooth.
I would like to thank personally the makers of the khukuris. Mister Parshuram Biswakarma, the maker of my Combat khukuri, for his outstanding performance and great quality of the khukuri and mister Barun Biswakarma, the maker of my Janmabhumi khukuri, also for his excellent performance and great quality of the khukuri.


I am much obliged and very impressed !


With kind regards,
Gert Jan Blok, The Netherlands.
Sale ID / Warranty #: 13204 P1

Namaste Sir,
I did not realize that you are The MD of the company I am very impressed that you personally get involved with your customers , I have purchased 8 Khukri knives off you when I lived in South Wales uk and have never been dissatisfied your products are first class, a certain Simon Hengle always try's to put your  knives down but I have researched his knives and have found many complaints from customers about the Quality of his knives , This is why I have chosen your company as my supplier, I only buy one or two but I cherish everyone of them 

Kind regards 

Ian E Rees

Namaste Sir Good afternoon,
I have just received my new order from you which is the small knife I'm very impressed with the Quality thank you very much 

Kind regards

Ian E Rees



Thank you for the fine craftsmanship on the bowie knife you's made it is exceptional.You guys take a lot of pride in your work I am  very happy with this knife and so is my son. That's who it was for he is very  pleased. Job well done.

Kind regards
Daniel, SA, Australia

I received my Kukri in the mail a few days ago and have had the chance to use it a few times.  I wanted to pass along my compliments to your craftsmen, your customer service and your company as a whole.  I am very happy with the custom design and the quality that went into it.  

I have a channel on Youtube where I like to review knives and other gear and after a few months of use of the Kukri, I am going to make a video of it.  I intend to say everything from above in that video and more.  People interested in Kukri should look to your company.  Would you like me send a link to the video once I am finished with it?

Pat. Boughton, USA

I received my order today and I can tell you I will be ordering more. I was surprised at the quality of both the blades and the sheaths. I would like to thank you so much for my order. I will be proud to use these and will gladly tell people where and who made these fine blades. I also work for the U.S. military and will use one of the at work.

                                   Thanks Again, Joe Plocica, USA

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with a purchase I made from you around a year ago. I bought a mini panawal with no actual plans for it. I knew your work was beautiful and that I'd wanted a khukuri since I was a kid, that was enough reason to buy one. One day while I was rolling out a roast and having trouble my daughter jokingly told me I should try my khukuri. I did and discovered how amazingly it worked. It is now one of my most valued kitchen knives, nothing I've used cuts rolled roasts or butterflys chicken nearly as well. I just wanted to express my appreciation for a knife which works amazingly for a job I never expected to use it for.

United States of America

Dear SLT,
Monday (March 7th) evening, I received the knife.
I am satisfied with how my design was realized.
Today (Saturday, March 12th), I went to a nearby forest and tested the knife.
After chopping, there was neither roll nor chip of the edge.

Now, I am thanking every one who participated in the making; and particular thanks to you for your significant contribution to the project.

Are you in the video?

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