LETHAL COMBO >> Tradi+Modern fusion

A LETHAL COMBO >> East meets West; Old-New combi; Tradi-Modern fusion..

A typical khukuri knife when fitted with the modern materials definitely makes a lethal combination that would deliver the ultimate, and may be someone’s dream knife. The kukri may lose its essence as a historic icon and culture pride but first and foremost it’s a utility knife designed to cut and to last for a prolong time so the western-made materials like G10, Micarta, Kydex, Boltaron certainly adds strength, comfort, durability and look which the natural materials like wood, leather and horn are not able to provide and thus enhances value, function, power and purpose to our beloved knife, the “KHUKURI” as a perfect 1st choice working knife. "A hardcore blade fused with hardcore material.." These are some of the custom KUKx we made for our customers who wanted to use the western materials. They were all SUPER pleased with the outcome.
Pls feel free to contact KHHI Nepal for such fusion order, and also anything and everything about khukuri and knife.