Glimpse of KHHI starting 2018

Glimpse of Khukuri House, KHHI, Nepal starting 2018

This is a massive year for KHHI, starting 2018 we 'celebrated our 27th anniversary'. We came up with a new design for our website' bidding bye to a decade old traditional website. Released a 'newly designed kukri' and recently launched the ''2018 world cup offer'. Also the management is fully done by staff members starting 2018 which is very special for everyone at the Khukuri House. Now lets get in deeper..

KHHI celebrated 27th anniversary

Khukuri House celebrated its 27th anniversary in 2018, here are a few words from our MD, that keeps us motivating.

"BIG thanks to all our customers, well wishers and staff without whom KHHI Nepal would just be a mere dream. We have come a very long way and long way still to go. THANK YOU for all your support!! We eye for the 50th now" - SLT

Some glimpse of the celebration at KHHI building.



Kukri House Website redesigned with new features

We have tried our best to keep our classic look, with new features and functionalities. We have come up with user registration, user reviews, advance search feature and easy INTL depot functioning and more kukri ADD-ONs. Detail specification for each individual product. You can easily choose variations in Blade Size, Handle Size, Handle material from the product page.This gives a depth to customize our kukris as per your need and requirements. We are still testing some of the features, we will update them soon.

We still miss our old kukri house website. We know we get used to, especially the things we do daily, so do we miss our old website. We used the website for more than a decade long. We got used to with the system, interface and everything. It was not easy for us. It was unique, classic and a inspiration to the everyone involved into kukri business. To compete and to be updated with the technology, we came to TWO websites from our everlasting FOUR websites. We surely will miss them. 


We are extremely sorry for those who were used to along with in browsing and using our website. Don't forget to share your thoughts on our new website.


5160 Biltong PLUS kukri5160 Biltong PLUS, A new kukri released in 2018

In-between the busy schedule with our new website, production and office management we have managed to launched a new kukri this May 2018. 5160 Biltong PLUS kukri knife with the slogan CARRY ONE, CARRY ON. Its made from 5160 high carbon steel and hence the name, its stronger, small and beautiful hope you all will like it. If you have already purchased do give us the review for this kukri knife. We are eager.

See the product :


2018 world cup offer 

And to maintain the craze and generate the world cup fever we have launched a exclusive offer this world cup season. You can win a FREE kukri just by guessing the winning country name. Don't hesitate to participate in this contest, you will have to pay nothing but you may get a free kukri at your doorstep. And also a flat 18% discount on the purchase of our products . Have a blast this world cup. Although we are not sure how popular its goona be, but its a giveway to all the kukri freaks. We want to keep the kukri theme and motto alive.

Visit our offer page to see the terms and participate :


Management @ KHHI

Now KHHI officially Khukuri House Handicraft Industry, Nepal is fully managed and operated by the old staffs members. All day -to-day operations, the kukri factory and management is totally in the hands of the members. We wish them best of luck for a smooth and successfull operation. Hope they will maintain the legacy of the company, kukri, khukuri house and the symbol of Gurkhas. All the best pals.

WOO for now, this is all what we have done when 2018 started. Just dont forget to catch up with the updates in our blog section, which is also a new feature in this new website. We will also share interesting and important facts about kukri in coming days!! 

We love to write !! at Khukuri House, KHHI, Nepal