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OTHERS (Kukri souvenirs)

Kukri souvenir from Nepal. Nepalese Gurkhas khukuri gifts. This catagory includes Nepali handicraft products related to khukuri that can be sent as gifts. These kukri souvenir are handmade in Nepal. This category includes products that are not exactly kukri but they are related to Gurkhas and Khukuri. We want to give our customers the best handicraft shopping experience shopping from Nepal. 

Classic Nepalese Wall Frame (VIP display)

Blade Size (in):

Weight (gm): 3200

USD 124.99

Cross KUKRI Badge

Blade Size (in):

Weight (gm): 15

USD 4.50

Kukri Key Ring

Blade Size (in):

Weight (gm): 15

USD 4.99

Gurkha Special Package

Blade Size (in):

Weight (gm): 350

USD 109.99

Silver Tiepin (Kukri Pin)

Blade Size (in): 2

Weight (gm): 20

USD 39.99