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Aluminum Khukuri (Chitlange, ChainPure)

Aluminum Khukuri (Chitlange, ChainPure)


Chitlange Aluminum (Beauty)

This is the newer, nicer and better version of the Chainpure khukuri. The shape/design of the knife is made like that of the Chainpure, however with improved and superior execution. The forging of the blade with large bevel from the tip all the way down to the notch makes the kukri very special and rare, as this is the difficult process of crafting even for the skilled craftsman costing him more effort and time. The large elongated bevel is forged to withstand the hardest blow, severe impact and to make cutting much easier and more effective. The bulky bevel also works as an "I Beam" system where it observes the impact and gives less tension to the blade and also cuts down unnecessary weight of the blade. 

The handle is made in this metallic form for durability as it prevents the hilt from breaking apart (cracking) even when exposed to sun for longer period of time. The state of drying up (shrinking) like with the traditional handles (Horn and Wood) is also permanently fixed as the outside temperature and ambient will have no impact whatsoever over the handle. The aluminum version also gives a fancy, prominent and a contemporary look. The handle shape extends wider as it finishes towards the butt cap as seen in the picture. The rat tail tang is secured with keeper peened over at the brass pommel cap. 

The buffalo leather case is given the newer and nicer touch too. The front body of the scabbard is triangular which the signature of a Chitlange khukuri. The hole in the ricasso, just above the nozzle of the blade is also the trademark of the khukuri. It signifies the footmark of a cow that is holy in Nepal. The brass tip in the scabbard gives protection and prettiness to the overall look of the knife. 

A beautiful kukri forged to show, serve and for others to envy your possession. Known for its beauty, craftsmanship, strength and durability..

BLADE Size: 12 inches
BLADE Thickness: 9 mm approx.
Origin: Chainpur, far Eastern Nepal
FUNCTION: Collection, Decoration, Domestic Use, Gift, Regular work, Show Piece
Materials/features: Special triangular water buffalo leather scabbard, special aluminum handle, 2 x small knives 


ChainPure Special Aluminum (Exclusive)

The distinctive Chainpure style of Khukuri is made in the village of Chainpur in eastern Nepal.

chainpure-special-aluminum-exclusiveThe “ChainPure Special” is an improved version of the regular ChainPure Khukuri. While the Khukuri is the distinctive Chainpure blade type, what makes this blade special, is the sheath. The sheath is expertly crafted from Indian rosewood and brass. The rosewood panels are painstakingly engraved with traditional patterns by experienced craftsmen in Chainpure village.

Although it is usable, it is made to be a decorative khukuri that showcases the masterful skill of the Chainpur villagers. The scabbard is made from hand-carved wood panels secured with brass accents.

The Chainpure village khukuri is instantly recognizable due to a few very distinctive features. Rather than a standard Cho, the Chainpure Khukuri has a closed notch, representing the hoof of a cow, which is a holy animal in Nepal. The notch is a traditional symbol of fertility. The blade represents Lord Shiva when it is held upright. Since the villagers of ChainPure are Hindus, they give the notch great religious significance and believe it brings good fortune and prosperity.

The Chainpure also has a unique handle. There is no brass pommel, but one that is made of wood. A diamond-shaped plate is used to peen the end of the tang. The handle is also carved to be comfortable. It also has carvings that match those on the decorated scabbard. 


  • Size of blade: 10 inch
  • BLADE Thickness: 8 mm approx.
  • BLADE FINISHING: Mirror Polish
  • Materials: Indian rosewood carved scabbard, aluminum handle, brass fittings
  • Origin: Chainpur, Eastern Nepal
  • FUNCTION Collection, Decoration, Gift, Show Piece
  • CATEGORY: Traditional Decoratives

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