Chitlange EAGLE, the New Chapter

Chitlange EAGLE, the New Chapter


The Eagle soars high with pride and freedom only to strike like a thunderbolt to decapitate its enemy...

Well my dear folks we are pleased to announce that "the New Chapter has just begun .."


cutting-cake-by-kukriChitlange EAGLE is one of the revered releases of The Khukuri House aimed to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary. The special occasion called for a special celebration which had to be bestowed by creating an outstanding kukri knife to mark the memorial year. Here the traditional Chitlange version, one of the most famous and worthy model, is modernized by giving a new dashing look hence the title the NEW CHAPTER.


The same blade profile, sharp and sleek, is followed but fitted by a stunning contemporary and very effective EAGLE version handle. The whole look of the handle is dedicated to the awesome predator, the Bald Eagle, to denote the incredible reputation of the animal. It gives beauty and more importantly usefulness to the kukri. Also, the unique feather carving in the handle showcases the bird like look to the kukri. Similarly even the guard is profiled like the bird’s beak and the butt cap as the head of the bird. This enhances the grip and better handling. Sheath, on the other hand, is very striking, useful and very easy to carry/operate at the same time (Dual carry; Vertical + Horizontal). Recommended more for LIGHT and MEDIUM usage due to its Light n Fast-handling body structure.


Excellent- Light n Fast blade; Exquisite – comfortable n safe handle; Extra ordinary – swift n strong sheath ….. only make the kukri knife to praise, use, carry and beyond.

as advertised when the lucky draw was posted on 24th FEB 2021 >>

Celebrating the 30th company anniversary in a grand way … Want to have a chance to win a brand new kukri style/design by KHHI? "just USD 5.00 to win this exclusive kukri".

KHHI nepal along with its UK Depot has put together a very special prize package for a prize draw to raise funds for Kumundini in Nepal.
Kumundini is a small organization that helps and works with children (mainly girls) that are exploited, abused or victims is trafficking. KHHI and the UK Depot feel this is an extremely worthwhile cause and could use some additional help, so we got together to try and raise some much needed funds.





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