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Chukuri Plus (Redefined)

Chukuri Plus (Redefined)



Better and superior version of the reg. Chukuri – redefined and refurnished to incorporate optimum power and versatility - to thrush out amazing feat of force and faith – to execute an action be it to defend or to invade in the easiest and most effective style. Chukuri Plus, the “Redefined”, makes up for all the limitations of the reg. Chukuri one may feel it should have, like slightly “Longer” for better coverage, “Hand Guard” for safety and protection, “Fingers Grip” (contours) for strong sturdy grip, “UnPolished” for stronger and sharper edge (bevel) etc to name a few. The ever increasing demand of the Chukuri and KHHI’s persistence to better the model to making it an ultimate kick-ass knife, the “Chukuri Plus” has been produced. It is truly a defender, deifier, destroyer, and definitely deadly.

Features of Chukuri Plus (Redefined) bowie shaped kukri knife


  • Full flat tang with 3 x rivets wooden handle for tough and lasting grip
  • Steel hand guard fixture to protect hand from slipping towards the blade
  • Special “Eagle” type handle for durability and look, having a lanyard hole
  • Finger-Gripper handle for compact and comfort grip


  • Unpolished double edge blade
  • Unpolished for strength and power as initial temper is retained since the blade is not polished where maximum heat generated during the long machinery process of polishing/shinning
  • 10.5” long bladed for better coverage and range
  • Distinct (trademark) religious symbol forged to uphold the Khukuri legacy


  • Normal black leather scabbard for strength and durability
  • Lanyard facility in the tip to tie around the user’s thigh
  • Thick belt holder (frog) to carry the knife

Size of Blade: 10.5 inches approx.
Materials: Water buffalo leather scabbard, Special “Eagle” type wooden handle (Guard and Gripper)
Place of Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal



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