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GI5 (Gurkha Issue 5th)

GI5 (Gurkha Issue 5th)

The reigning CHAMPION yet largely underrated, from late 1950 to 1990 till date; a raw service kukri ..

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USD 64.00

USD 34.8

GI5 (Gurkha Issue 5th) ; A raw service kukri

The reigning CHAMPION yet largely underrated >> MK5 or GI5 (KHHI’s version) .. "MUST READ (buy)" A Gurkha with GI5 kukri

The issue of the kukri started to the "Brigade of Gurkhas" after Indian Independence in 1947 in late 1950's. It is the longest surviving British Standard Issue (BSI) kukri whose reign ran across for almost 4 decades. GI5's exact pattern was used from ca 1958-1960 to 1990’s and its variants are still active today (current year) in the army. However the kukri was largely overshadowed by the reputation, significance and discussions of various early Gurkha Issues like the MK2, MK3 etc. Variants of GI5 are still issued today even after 70 years in the service proves the essential value of the knife. After the 2nd World War and with the modernization and advancement of military gears the khukuri’s primary role as a main weapon was restricted to a mere back-up / utility knife (gear) or rather as an iconic symbol. Now the khukuri was seen more as an inseparable integrity of a Gurkha, his self-identity, a sign of courage, honor and pride, rather than a lethal weapon. Thus to continue the legacy and the amazing bond a service kukri in the form of GI5 was started from late 1950’s. The kukri was objected as a Dress Knife to carry in parade (kukri drill), on duty and other official military services. Blade size was reduced to 10 inch approx, style and shape was changed too. GI5s kukris were much simpler and very convention compared to its earlier counterparts. A few of them had very strange shape and many with inferior quality. It seems both the makers and receivers took the subject (supply) very lightly. It remains mystery and confusion as to its exact version, details and facts as it has been hardly documented or archived.

Although GI5 was issued as a “Dress Knife”, supposedly to have well finishing and shiny, the khukuris was not up to the standard required for parade. Here it wouldn’t be an offence to write that GI5 was the weakest (poorest) of all Gurkha Issues. Recruits thus had to painstakingly clean the blade and scabbard during their entire nine months of recruitment training. Blades were roughly grounded, unpolished and black topped sometimes, and scabbards were made from raw buffalo hide. Recruits thus had to literally finish the khukuri with whatever resources available. This trend continued till late 1960’s after when soldier started to replace the raw hide by patent leather bought from local workshop at the suggestion of their superior. The blades however were mostly self-polished by the carrier.

Origin & production of 5th Gurkha Issue kukri knife

GI5 kukri knife
GI5 is the first issue (pattern) of its kind that originated (made) in Dharan, Eastern Nepal. In late 1950's (ca 1958-60) production started there with the help of some army officials at “Dharan Recruitment Centre”. “Origin” and “Date” were stamped initially for a few batches but somehow discarded or ignored in later years but again done in 1980’s and again discontinued. Local contractors made inferior quality khukuris and supplied to the Army in thousands. Nonetheless the modern ones specially after 1990’s when 2 variants of GI5 were issued to a single recruit [#1 (Parade knife) and #2 (Training knife)] are much more better made, shaped and finished.

The amazing legacy and feat of the Gurkha Issue Kukris of the formidable soldier is successfully and proudly carried by GI5 and handed over to the new generation.

Besides its historic significance GI5 is also an excellent working kukri knife that would with no doubt hold a special place in the heart and mind of the user. It is an all-out all-purpose utility knife that carries the history and also has all the characters of an assault knife. It’s a well balanced kukri blade and made of the highest quality. The blade comes in RAW format to ditto reproduce the classic ones when they were first made for the army. Even the two accompanying knives, Karda and Chakmak, have the RAW black finishing.

Size of Blade: 10-10.5 inches approx.
Handle Size: 4.5 inches approx.
Materials: Water buffalo leather scabbard, unpolished water buffalo horn handle, Raw Black finishing, 2 x small knives (raw black like the mother blade)
Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal



  • Actual Weight (gm): 530
  • Overall weight (gm): 750
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1050
  • Blade finishing: RAW
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade material: 5160
  • Place of Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal
  • Accompanying knives/B-up: Karda Chakmak
  • Blade thickness (mm): 8
  • Handle finishing: Unpolish
  • Sheath: Black leather
  • Tang type: Stick
  • Fixture: Brass
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
  • Edge Hardness: 55-57 hrc
  • Blade (panel) Grinding: Full Flat
  • Function: Trekking, Indoor, Domestic use, Military, Jungle warfare, Regular Work, Collection

KHHI also supplies the following Promotional Materials with every shipment:

  • KHHI Warranty Card [1 year Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty]
  • KHHI Brochure [Company's profile, its websites, products and related]
  • KHHI Manual [Tips and techniques on handling, maintaining and using a Khukuri]
  • Design Khukuri Pamphlet [Custom-design your own khukuri/ knife through KHHI]
  • Letter from MD [An official letter addressed by the MD himself to the buyer]
  • Letter of Declaration [Letter of authenticity and confidence declared by FHAN (Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal)]

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A very big thank you to the all team

Bonjour, Tout d'abord je tiens à remercier l'équipe entière de KHHI Népal , j'ai passé cette commande durant une période très complexe et j'ai été régulièrement informé du suivi de la commande .Le paquet est finalement arrivé assez vite. J'ai aussi été bien conseillé lors d'un Tchat , j'hésitais entre deux modèles . Mr Rackchhu Dev Biswokarma a fait un travail magnifique et les options ajouté en font un objet unique à mes yeux .J'aime particulièrement le poids , l'équilibre et le tranchant du GI5 ainsi que sa finition brute qui donne un aspect moins courant.Un grand merci à cet artiste !! Je ne peux que vous dire à bientôt pour un nouvel achat , j'espère que tout va bien et prenez bien soin de vous. Merci de France Pascal


Hello, First of all I would like to thank the whole team of KHHI Nepal, I placed this order during a very complex period and I was regularly informed of the order tracking. The package finally arrived quite quickly. I was also well advised during a Chat, I hesitated between two models. Mr Rackchhu Dev Biswokarma did a wonderful job and the added options make it a unique item in my eyes. I particularly like the weight, balance and sharpness of the GI5 as well as its raw finish which makes it look less common. big thank you to this artist !! I can only say see you soon for a new purchase, hope all is well and take good care of you. Thank you from France Pascal

Date: 31st July, 2020

Pascal France

Dear Saroj,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that the G15 kukri arrived and it is truly a thing of beauty and craftsmanship. Being able to appreciate the kukri components in their raw, form; the unpolished steel and the brushed brass fixtures alongside of the sharpened blade; enables me to admire the elements that go into making one your kukris, and is truly interesting, and amazing to see. Thank you very much for your generosity in sending me this knife. It is truly thing of beauty and just a really interesting, cool-looking knife. Thank you for following up so promptly when I had the issues with the 15 inch SiruPate famous. Your correspondence has been quite enlightening, and positive and I thank you for everything.

I look forward to a continued experience with KHHI and ordering from some of the many interesting designs that you have.  I will follow up with a review of my positive experience on google as requested, so let me know what else I can do to show my appreciation. 

I know isn't yet February or New Year yet, but I wish you; Lo Sar Bzang'  -I believe?  And I thank you again.

Bill O'Rourke

Date: 2nd December, 2019

Bill O' Rourke

Dear KHHI!
Today I received the GI5 khukuri! The delivery was fast, the khukuri is beautiful! This raw blade very impressive. Rakhu Dev Bishwakarma made a great job. I looking forward to use it. This khukuri is simple, light, reliable and deadly.
I would like to ask you about the power offer, and about my power points.

Levente Szarka

Date: 29th June, 2019

Levente Szarka

Another fine knife

I have so many khukuris now it is difficult to determine which one I like the most. I have to say that this one is a very fine and beautiful blade. Light weight and feels great in the hand. Same size as some of the others but feels lighter and shorter. Construction is very well done. Wish I could carry them all. Thank you for another great blade.

Date: 23rd March, 2019

John Wooddell Texas


Thank you. The knife was amazing and work and craftsmanship was excellent!  I would like to order another but likely add a kydex sheath if you still are able to do that.  So I get my order right, is there a copy of the features I requested on my knife?  I think it was the cuts on the handle (rings around the water buffalo horn), the landyard hole, the black coating and the chisel tip.  Is the best way to order the way I did before on the webstite. thanks. Namaste.

Sean Souney

Date: 28th February, 2019

Sean Souney