Gurkha Ceremonial (Gurkha Contingent, SPF)

It is one of the standard issue khukuris of the famous Singapore Police Force Gurkha Contingent or "SPFGC" of the year 2009 worn on parade (March Past) and on duty..

Buffalo Horn

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Gurkha Ceremonial (Gurkha Contingent, SPF)

The Gurkha Contingent (GC) of Singapore Police Force- SPF

The Gurkha Contingent or “GC” is a line department of the “Singapore Police Force”. Members of the GC are trained to be highly-skilled and are selected for their display of strong discipline and dedication in their tasks. The principal role of the contingent is to be a special guard force, and is currently used as a counter-terrorist force.

The GC was formed on 9 April 1949 in the wake of Indian independence from the British Empire, where Gurkhas battalions from the British Indian Army were divided between the Indian Army and the British Army. Those transferred to the British Army were posted to other remaining British Colonies, and Singapore being one of them.

After Singapore gain independence form the British, GC played a crucial role in controlling riots and violence amongst the ethnic groups that threatened the very existence of the new born country. Their presence as a neutral force was important because local police officers were often perceived to be (or were even expected to be) biased towards their own ethnic groups when handling racial disturbances, further fueling discontent and violence. Thus the Gurkha Contingent as an impartial force at the time stabilized the country and its sovereignty as personnel (Nepalese) in GC were Nepalese hailing from another country, religion and background. Nepalese were more than perfect and suited for the job and hence were integrated to the national security force of the country forming “Singapore Police Force Gurkha Contingent” or “SPFGC”.

The Gurkha Ceremonial Kukri at Singapore Police Force - SPF

It is one of the standard issue khukuris of the famous Singapore Police Force - Gurkha Contingent or “SPFGC” of the year 2009.

Gurkha Ceremonial or famously known as “Service Ceremonial” is a standard issue knife worn by SPFGC on parade (March Past) and on duty. With this kukri a Gurkha soldier demonstrates his identity and with this ceremonial kukri swears to put his duty above all. Like in the Gurkha Army this famed kukri knife stupendously distinguishes a Gurkha from others and has become an integral part of his official uniform.

The overall look of the khukuri is very shiny, from blade to handle to scabbard to the two small accompanying knives which is the reason why it is picked as the Dress Knife since smartness and discipline is very important. The scabbard is made from high quality extra shiny pattern leather to furnish intense shininess and smartness to the uniform and the carrier himself in whole. Gurkha Policemen also carry this khukuri on events like "Ceremonial Kukri Drill" and on special occasions attended by high-ranking state officers, VIP dignitaries, honorable guests etc. During the presentation they withdraw the khukuri from scabbard and hold it out for the guest to inspect.

Gurkha Ceremonial has a simple basic khukuri blade with brass fixtures. The balde is plain and simple with no stamping of any sort. It has Buffalo Horn handle fitted to go with the boots and belt of a carrying soldier. The 10.5 inch approx. long blade is highly polished to go with the shinny patent leather scabbard. A rat tail tang goes through the handle (hidden) which is peened over at the brass pommel (butt cap). A protective brass chape (tip) is also fitted in the scabbard for support and good look. Two accompanying knives “Karda (Small Knife)” and “Chakmak (Sharpener)” are also highly polished.

A Gurkha, be it in Singapore Police Force or Gurkha Army, his ceremonial kukri has always been with him since generations. Its this worthy khukuri he carries that distinguishes him from the rest and assists him earning respect and appreciation from his adversaries at the same time. This singapore police kukri is used by the Gurkha Contingent at SPF.  

Size of blade: 10.5 inch 
Materials: Patent leather scabbard, water buffalo horn handle, 2 x small knives
Origin: KHHI, KTM,Nepal

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  • Actual Weight (gm): 535
  • Overall weight (gm): 725
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1075
  • Blade finishing: Mirror
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade material: 5160
  • Place of Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Accompanying knives/B-up: Karda Chakmak
  • Blade thickness (mm): 9
  • Handle finishing: Polish
  • Sheath: Patent black leather
  • Tang type: Stick
  • Fixture: Brass
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
  • Edge Hardness: 55-57 hrc
  • Blade (panel) Grinding: Full Flat
  • Function: Decoration, Gift, Military, Show Piece, Collection, Regular Work

Semi-custom Form




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