Gurkha Special Package

Gurkha Special Package

A collection of the most famous Gurkha items at its best.. includes Silver Brooch, Tiepin, Cufflink, Gurkha Insignia, Tie and Book 

USD 99.99

USD 23.77

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American Eagle (Freedom)
American Eagle (Freedom)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 650

USD 76.49 89.00

Jungle XTRA (Woodlander)

Blade Size (in): 9.5

Weight (gm): 700

(1 Review)

USD 94.99

Silver Tiepin (Kukri Pin)

Blade Size (in): 2

Weight (gm): 20

USD 39.99

Tree Branch Stand

Blade Size (in):

Weight (gm): 250

USD 12.99