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Infantry No.1 (Warrior)

Infantry No.1 (Warrior)


Infantry No.1 (Warrior) Kukri 

Khukuri House Handicraft Industry makes history with this knife… It is one of the latest, advanced and unique collections of modern kukris introduced by KHHI and experienced by the world for the very first time. An interesting name “Infantry no.1” is given to support and emphasis on the fact that it is carried by modern war heroes or soldiers of this era. The 12” semi- polished blade made from solid buffalo horn or Indian Rosewood sometimes, with Rubber Grip wrapped around it makes this kukri a perfect war or combat menace.

The blade has more coverage for close encounter and this kukri real strength is the rubber handle that gives a perfect, balanced and comfortable grip even to a sweaty hand. The user can thus maintain a strong-easy and fast control over the kukri even in harsh conditions. Similarly the shape of the blade is also made slightly different -straighter by ignoring the peak of the spine of the blade for easy drawing in and out even while in motion. As well, all the metal fittings are made rough and not shiny to prevent reflection and not to get spotted during battle.

Hence all these special features of this kukri make it a unique, one of a kind; an infantry’s NUMBER ONE choice for man to man combat. A lanyard hole is also fixed at the tip of the scabbard to furnish a code round the thigh area for easier carrying.

Note: Unlike as shown in the photo, Infantry now comes with slightly different handle replaced in order to get more easier and effective handling.

Size of Blade: 12 inches 
Materials: Buffalo leather scabbard, unpolished buffalo horn keeper, rubber grip, 2 x small knives
Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepa


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