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Jungle Kukri (Training Knife)

Jungle Kukri (Training Knife)

No.2 issue of British Gurkhas, Jungle kukri is widely used in training, exercise, combat and military campaigns..

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Default Specification

  • Blade Size (in): 10.5
  • Handle Size (in): 5.5
  • Handle Material: Horn
  • Actual Weight (gm): 570
  • Overall weight (gm): 775
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1075
  • Blade finishing: Unpolished
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade material: 5160
  • Place of Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal
  • Accompanying knives/B-up: Karda Chakmak
  • Blade thickness (mm): 9
  • Handle finishing: Unpolish
  • Sheath: Black Leather
  • Tang type: Stick
  • Fixture: Brass
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
  • Edge Hardness: 55-57 hrc
  • Blade (panel) Grinding: Full Flat
  • Function: Trekking, Defending, Domestic use, Stabbing, Hunting, Military, Outdoor, Combat, Jungle warfare, Regular Work
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'Jungle' Kukri; the training Knife.. from optional to no.2 official issue; exercise to mission

Initially, this was not a standard army issue khukuri but a popular Gurkha knife carried by Gurkha Soldiers for training, exercise, and combat. The knife has been closely associated with the Gurkhas since it was first picked up in around early 1960s, often bought from army store called “PRI shop”. The need for a rough utility knife to perform in the active army service (lower rank) provoked the demand of the Jungle and soon it was found widely in use by Gurkhas for just about any activities that involved cutting, clearing, and cleaning. The very shape, size, and features of the Jungle served the objectives of jungle warfare or jungle training and thus was categorized as the “Jungle Kukri” to truly meet its identity.

KHHI named it as 'Jungle Training Knife' to save the name, identity, features, and function of the original version. Later the same kukri became the source of No.2 whose issuance started from early 1990's.

gurkhas with jungle kukriBritish Gurkha soldiers can make their own pick when it comes to a junglee khukuri. One may go for a shorter or longer, heavier or lighter, or even thinner or broader. Since the standard issue had to be well looked after; very clean and shinny, Gurkhas opted for another knife that was ideally filled in by the khukuri sold by the army shop (supply) which Gurkhas later named it as “Jungle”. This trend still continues to date but now with the changing time and fashion modern Gurkhas even go for other improvised versions.

Since the “Jungle” kurki knife was discovered it has faced numerous official trainings, exercises, operations and even combats but sadly it deeds have hardly been documented or recognized. It is our belief that the development of modern more effective army gears overshadowed the importance and usage of the kukri.

Jungle kukri made by Khukuri House, KHHI forged out of old discarded spring steel 5160

Jungle Combat Gurkha KnifeJungle Kukri is a totally unpolished full-size military khukuri identical to Service no.1. Since it is designed for rough use finishing (shining) is not done either in the blade or handle. This also comes as an advantage to the khukuri as the total unpolished format enhances the cutting ability and durability of the blade as losing of temper is prevent by avoiding the long machinery process undertaken to polish a blade. The unpolished horn handle of the Jungle provides better grip and easier handling too.

Some Jungles are also camouflaged by green cotton cloth or similar materials by soldiers for warfare to ensemble with their uniform and not to attract any unwanted attention. Jungle has a basic black colored buffalo hide leather scabbard with twin belt loop frog as seen in the picture. Brass fixtures are fitted to complete (make) the khukuri.

Jungle khukuri because of its typical look, special feature and very close association with the legendary Gurkhas is one of the best sellers of all times. It is an all-out all-purpose utility knife that carries the history, and also has all characters of an assault knife.

Size of blade: 10.5 inch approx.
Materials: Water buffalo leather scabbard, unpolished water buffalo horn handle, 2 x small knives


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Love it!

Got my knife yesterday (fast delivery) and am very happy with the quality and the whole package. Highly recommend the product and look forward to using it outdoors. Thank you for your help and guidance Usha was a great help. I plan to buy more as presents and for myself also...

Date: 5th June, 2020

Peter Fischer Germany

Every bit a fine khukuri!

Thus Jungle Training khukuri is quite the knife and very effective for use out and about. It does it’s job as designed with great ease and trustworthy. Thanks to the Kami for my special project! Thanks, KHHI!

Date: 27th July, 2019

Benpierre M Cabuay USA


Dear good Sir(s),

I received my Khukuri on Monday this week, two days ahead of the original delivery date.

I am very pleased with the workmanship, And enjoy the information that you provided about the Craftsman, Rakhu  Dev Bishwokarma. I am honored to own this Khukuri made by his skilled hands.

I am very please about every aspect of this purchase, from the original order, to shipping and to the final product.

I look forward to more purchases from you in the future 

Thank you for your service,

Bill Furrow

Date: 21st March, 2019

William Furrow

Truly outstanding value.

I bought one of these about nine years ago, along with a few others at that same time (Singapore Police Force Gurkha Contingent Jungle khukuri, Mini Jungle, World War, Nepal Police, two Biltong-one polished and the other unpolished), and since then Parshuram Special, and the Salyani khukuri.

This remains my one 'go-to' khukuri to take hiking in the bush. At the time I ordered this, what I was after was essentially a no-frills version of the standard issue British Gurkhas Service no. 1. After carefully comparing specs, this Jungle khukuri was the one which fit the bill. Same style scabbard and frog, same handle material, bolster and buttcap, same (within acceptable tolerances for individually hand-made items) blade length, thickness, profile, etc. What I did not want was a polished handle and blade; I specifically wanted the smooth but matte finish on handle, blade and fittings. My intent was for this to be a 'user' khukuri. Almost always on user knives I'll force-patinate with vinegar, lemon juice, pickle brine or cheap yellow mustard; when sharpening, and during regular use, no matter how careful I am, sooner or later scratches happen. To me, there was no sense paying more for polishing which would be either deliberately obliterated by chemical means or blemished through normal wear and tear. And shiny things have the potential to attract notice in the bush, which I go to lengths to avoid if I'm able. I couldn't be more pleased with this khukuri. It has enough heft to chop, yet it's not so heavy or long in the blade as to be even the slightest bit bothersome, inconvenient or resentment inducing. This has fallen to the ground accidentally a couple of times, and the effects are barely noticeable. It'd be easy to do much worse than this when buying a user khukuri.

Date: 19th December, 2018

Thomas Aleksandersson Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

Dear Saroj,
It's a pleasure to connect with you! My 'Jungle' Kukri has been serving me well at the hunt for wild boar and deer in the forests in South of France! I am likely to make another purchase with your esteemed company and I will highly recommend your business to any knife collector!

Wishing you a good week.

Jan Jorek

Date: 27th November, 2018

Jan Jorek

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