Khaki Issue (20th Century)

Khaki Issue (20th Century)

The Neglected Treasure of the History; the KHAKI or DESERT kukri of the British Gorkhas..

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Khaki Desert Issue Khukuri ; a 20th Century kukri knife

Gorkha Warcry actionA legendary kukri from the glorious history of the Gurkhas but neglected and overlooked (forgotten) perhaps due to ignorance and less research. Widely used in the desert land of the western frontiers, Khaki or the Desert issue kukri faced many military actions and battle honors that set this kukri and the Gurkhas stand out from the herd..  It's a true utility knife and personal weapon at the same time.

The Khaki Kukri and KHHI nepal..

The excessive study and research by KHHI and the historic documentations support to the fact that in the early and mid years of 20th century Gurkha Soldiers were also probably issued with kukris camouflaged by “khaki” (olive yellow canvas) fabric for various operations/campaigns at different places. Now, reproduced here as the “Khaki Issue” to represent it; the Khaki version of the historic war-battle kukri by KHHI Nepal.

The distinctive part of this khukuri is its 'Khaki' fabric used in the scabbard/ sheath. Gorkha (Gurkha) soldiers covered the leather sheath (black most of the time) by a rough fabric like sack in khaki color (pale yellow) to blend their kukri knife with the surrounding of the terrains and to also camouflage it with the wears and gears he owns. The sole purpose was to match the complete set and avoid any unwanted attention. The fabric also well protected the sheath and in return soldier had a lasting kukri in hand.

The blade’s shape is very different from the other issue models. Its little slender, has pointed profile, steep peak and very less pronounced chest as seen in the photo. The shape is fairly curved with the upper shoulder coming down from the peak quite steeply. It has a curved wooden handle with steel fixtures having stick tang hidden inside. The bottom inward cured handle makes the holding very ease and effective. Two accompanying knives (Karda and Chakmak) are not included.

History of khaki /desert /Khukuri & Gurkha

Khaki Issue in action in western frontsIt is believed that in 1930’s the practice of covering the kukri scabbard with khaki cloth appears to stem from about this time when Gurkhas were called upon to secure the North-West frontier, an area rarely at peace. However our research also points to the fact that it started much earlier in 1915 when Gurkhas were deployed in the Middle East during 1st world war. Similarly the practice/issue also followed in the outbreak of 2nd world war in series of operations when Gurkhas landed for the North African campaign in 1940-43 and in Sicily and Italy in 1944-45. Likewise the Khaki and sometimes Green army fabric version, of the World War kukri continued in 1945 when Gurkhas played a crucial role in containing the Japanese invasions and also in regaining the lost territories in the Far East during the 2nd World War. This practice initiated when Gurkhas adopted themselves to best suit the environment, surroundings and to perfectly cope with the places to maximize their output. The total uniform/outfit was replaced by khaki in the above mentioned fronts and so was the kukri, to camouflage from the enemies’ eyes.

Blade size: 12 inches approx.
Handle size: 4.50 inches approx.
Blade Thickness: 7 mm approx
Weight: 615 gms approx. (Blade+Handle)
Materials / Features: Black normal leather scabbard wrapped by Khaki fabric, rosewood handle, unpolished blade, Brown leather frog with a loop string to hang



  • Actual Weight (gm): 615
  • Overall weight (gm): 825
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1175
  • Blade finishing: Unpolished
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade material: 5160
  • Place of Origin: western region of India
  • Blade thickness (mm): 7
  • Handle finishing: Polish
  • Sheath: Black leather covered by cream colored cloth
  • Released date of KHHI Nepal: 2011-03-07
  • Tang type: Stick
  • Fixture: Iron
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
  • Edge Hardness: 55-57 hrc
  • Blade (panel) Grinding: Full Flat
  • Function: Attacking, Gift, Military, Fighting, Outdoor, Combat, Collection, Regular Work

KHHI also supplies the following Promotional Materials with every shipment:

  • KHHI Warranty Card [1 year Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty]
  • KHHI Brochure [Company's profile, its websites, products and related]
  • KHHI Manual [Tips and techniques on handling, maintaining and using a Khukuri]
  • Design Khukuri Pamphlet [Custom-design your own khukuri/ knife through KHHI]
  • Letter from MD [An official letter addressed by the MD himself to the buyer]
  • Letter of Declaration [Letter of authenticity and confidence declared by FHAN (Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal)]

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Hi just got this Khaki Issue (20th Century) blade-so perfect-master who made it named by letter M.

Date: 9th June, 2021

valerijus kozlovskis London


I was so pleased with the workmanship and historical accuracy of my Desert Kukri. I look forward to adding it to my North Africa RAF reenactment uniform. Namaste.

Date: 4th February, 2021

Andy Wilsher Witham, UK

Never far away when I’m processing wood. The khukuri is the ultimate tool for stripping a tree of it’s smaller branches. Khhi khaki issue khukuri.

review of using the khaki khukuri of khhi

(as posted on facebook)

Date: 2nd October, 2018

Mrr van der Valk‎ Netherlands

I have just received my khaki khukuri. My first impression was I couldn't Beleive how big it was. This is a very impressive blade and the maker did a great job (M). I am extremely happy with it and am already debating on ordering another one. I enjoy the history and fame of the Gurkhas. Currently reading a book on them now. This isn't my first khukuri and from this last purchase I can't see it being my last.

Thank you very much!
Tim Murray
T8R 1T8

Date: 1st October, 2018

Tim Murray Canada