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Khasi Maara (Goat's Head)

Khasi Maara (Goat's Head)


Khasi Maara (Goat's Head) Kukri Info

The name literally implies to the word 'Khasi' which means 'Goat' and 'Maara' means 'to sacrifice'. It is so called because of its ability to behead goats. During 'Maar', the 9th day of Dashain, Nepalese main festival, domestic animals mainly the goats are brought to be sacrificed at temples and homes in order to celebrate this special day.The sacrificial ceremony is performed as an offering to the goddess 'Kali Maata'(the goddess of destruction). After going through all the rituals beheading must be done in one clean stroke otherwise it is believed to bring ill fortune.

This Khukuri is also designed as a typical jungle utility knife like a machete. It comes with a stronger handle where the metal of the blade in the handle area is flat, not narrow and pointed as in other knives. The blade is therefore visible all around the handle. The handle is joined strongly to the blade with metal rivets that can also be seen at the sides. The unpolish blade is given a shape of a "Jungle" war type kukri existing in ancient times. It is made more longer than the current army issue. It is a typical Maar knife and a genuine jungle knife made especially for rough use. 

BLADE Size 14 inches
BLADE Thickness 10 mm approx.
Materials: Water buffalo leather scabbard, steel rivets full flat tang rose wooden handle, twin loop belt holder, 2 x small knives 
Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal


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