KHHI Tri Angkhola Kukri (Masterx Work)

KHHI Tri Angkhola Kukri (Masterx Work)

A hacking, whacking, stabbing, slicing etc you name it; a master creation built for the ultimate satisfaction;  KHHI Tri Angkhola kukri; the cutting machine ..

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KHHI Tri Angkhola kukri; the ULTIMATE cutting machine ..

KTA kukri KHHI

Khukuri House's (KHHI nepal) after the huge success of great classic kukris like the “King Prithivi” and “MK Angkhola” comes up with yet another design and creates this superb kukri knife. It’s a hacking, whacking, stabbing, slicing etc you name it. With its unique 3 (tri) x chirra in blade and tall bevel the kukri is truly a master’s creation built for the ultimate satisfaction. Now finally getting officially released only today, ie, 7th June 2017, due to overwhelmed pre-launch orders which pushed back the release date by 3 months, clearly speaks for the class this knife truly holds.

Exquisite and ergonomic shaped with no shoulder (peak) having a smooth and gentle flow, blended with 2 subtle chirras (fullers) in upper section and 1 semi-chirra (fuller) in lower section, merged with resolute tall elongated bevel for bigger impact; raw and brute; solid power and extremely well balanced weight/feel, defines the blade of the KHHI Tri Angkhola kukri. Where as in another hand - gentle inward curved, simple full tang wood material, extremely durable and comfortable that is crafted well proportionate to the blade, speaks for the khukuri’s simple yet classic type of handle this khukuri integrates.

Tri Angkhola is an ultimate cutting kukri knife designed by Khukuri House KHHI; a hand forged HC5160 steel to perfection. It is one of the most beautiful kukris due to it's attractive chirra/fuller 

in the blade. It is very unique amongst the Nepalese kukris available in sale in Nepal. It’s a perfect merge between the beauty and beast characteristics.


  • best-chirra-khukuriHC 5160 handmade-handforged
  • 13" approx blade (great reach)
  • about 5" long Rosewood (carved) gentle inward curved handle (superb and comfortable grip)
  • Thickness/Spine: 8.5 mm approx. around bolster distal tapered (great feel and balance)
  • Widest = 55 mm approx.
  • Narrowest = 35 mm approx.
  • Weight: 625 gms approx (very effective and balanced weight)
  • Raw Black finishing for durability and look
  • 1(full) +2 (semi) Chirras/Fullers to support edge, absorb shock, cut weight
  • Deep/tall bevel for deep cut and penetration (wound)

To finish off in 1 line; the ultimate hand forged cutting MACHINE for any common MAN..



  • Actual Weight (gm): 625
  • Overall weight (gm): 800
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1200
  • Blade finishing: RAW
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade material: 5160
  • Place of Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Blade thickness (mm): 8.5
  • Handle finishing: Unpolished
  • Sheath: Traditional black leather
  • Released date of KHHI Nepal: 2017-06-07
  • Tang type: Stick
  • Fixture: Iron
  • Edge grinding: Convex
  • Edge Hardness: 55-57 hrc
  • Blade (panel) Grinding: Chirra
  • Function: Domestic use, Stabbing, Lethal, Combat, Jungle warfare, Collection, Regular Work, Trekking

KHHI also supplies the following Promotional Materials with every shipment:

  • KHHI Warranty Card [1 year Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty]
  • KHHI Brochure [Company's profile, its websites, products and related]
  • KHHI Manual [Tips and techniques on handling, maintaining and using a Khukuri]
  • Design Khukuri Pamphlet [Custom-design your own khukuri/ knife through KHHI]
  • Letter from MD [An official letter addressed by the MD himself to the buyer]
  • Letter of Declaration [Letter of authenticity and confidence declared by FHAN (Federation of Handicraft Association of Nepal)]

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Wow!! What a Beautiful Beast!!

Pleased and excited about this blade. I ordered it on 12th July it arrived on 16th August.. This is a big, beefy, heavy, solid monster. I ordered the 15 inch blade, green micarta and brass fixtures with the support knife. The photo I took doesn't do it justice. Superbly sharp edge. Looks great. This is definitely a fearsome, brutal looking weapon. An heirloom for sure. This is my fourth Kukri from your company and will not be my last! Blessings to you and the hard working Kamis. Warm regards until next order..... Eric Viebrock


Date: 18th August, 2021

ERIC VIEBROCK Hampstead, North Carolina, USA

It arrived today. Wow! This one is exceptional. This is without question my favorite so far.

Date: 26th June, 2021

Dale Rose Salisbury Maryland United States

Thank you!

First off thank you KHHI and the craftsman Kumar for a amazing kukri. I'm really impressed and honored to own such a piece from Nepal. From the perfectly matched green micarta and brass fittings to the balance and craftmanship of the blade itself this will surely be passed down to my son one day.

Jeffs Tri angkhola kukri

Date: 26th May, 2021

Jeff D

overall experience is good.

I like this Khukuri very much and it's perfect tool for cutting and copping, only thing that I have concern is the shoulder and upper spine of this khukuri is not blunt it is sharp(see the screenshot), seems it is not stoned well( I am not sure it comes like that or it should be blunt as I prefer), but overall rating is good and recommend to use it.


Date: 11th August, 2020


Thank You KHHI

The picture speaks for itself! It was a joy to discuss customisation with KHHI and they delivered as ordered. Beautiful craftsmanship and a joy to look at and display. Thank you KHHI and your artisanal kamis!

Date: 22nd February, 2019


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