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Khurmi (Lady's Version)

Khurmi (Lady's Version)


Khurmi; the Lady's knife in Nepal

Many people may not be aware that the Khukuri also has a lady’s version called the KHURMI or KHURPA sometimes. Its regular size is 7-10”, weighs around 300-400 gms, and has a “C” shaped blade profile with engravings/patterns allover in the blade. Women in the hills use it for domestic purposes and also as a defense knife when out in the jungle. Sadly these days it’s on the verge of extinction and NO known history and origin of this knife.

The history and significance of the “Khurmi” date back to many decades when it was first picked up by village women to easily accomplish their daily domestic and household work when cutting was required. The same trend still continues today and thus the legacy of the Khurmi retained. It is widely used by women as a domestic cutting tool and as a safeguarding knife from predators when out in wood and wild. Similarly, since ancient times rural women have also been wearing (using) decorative Khurmis (horn/ wood scabbard) during cultural ceremonies and festivals.

The shape of this knife is not of a kukri; hence it is called "Khurmi". A typical sickle shaped grass cutter called “Hansiya” influences the Khurmi’s shape, however; it is given much better size and finishing. The blade of the Khurmi has no shoulder like in a Khukuri and follows an arch-shape to the tip as seen in the picture. Pattern decoration is done all along the panel of the blade to decorate and give a feminine aspect. The handle is made round, slender, and cylindrical with some pattern (ridges) crafted in the center. Round metallic bolster and butt cap are fixed to secure the handle. A “Clubs” shaped metallic (mostly Brass) décor is fitted at the butt cap to give a womanly touch to the Khurmi.

Despite the fact that a Khurmi is a woman’s khukuri it still can be used by all gender and age groups. It can be a good handy knife for doing light work like cutting grass, chopping, for kitchen use, clearing garden, etc. Khurmi is a good working cum display knife.

  • BLADE Size: 7 inches
  • BLADE Thickness: 6 mm approx.
  • Actual Weight: 300 grams
  • Overall Weight: 400 grams
  • Shipping Weight:650 grams
  • FUNCTION Decoration, Defending, Domestic Use, Regular work, Show Piece
  • Materials: Water buffalo leather scabbard, Indian rosewood / Buffalo Horn handle 
  • Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal

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