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A modern day kukri is BOTH, a performer (made for rough and tough use) and a displayer (adding beauty and glory to a surrounding)..

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USD 80.75 95.00

USD 38.28

Delivery: Estimated between Jul 16, 2024 and Jul 26, 2024

Item Location: Nepal

Return: 14 days return policy.

Default Specification

  • Blade Size (in): 11
  • Handle Size (in): 5
  • Handle Material: Rosewood
  • Actual Weight (gm): 700
  • Overall weight (gm): 875
  • Shipping weight (gm): 1250
  • Blade finishing: Semi Polished
  • Blade sharpness: Standard (very sharp)
  • Blade material: 52100
  • Place of Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Accompanying knives/B-up: None
  • Blade thickness (mm): 8
  • Handle finishing: Polished
  • Sheath: Brown leather
  • Released date of KHHI Nepal: 2014-05-08
  • Tang type: Full Flat
  • Fixture: None
  • Edge grinding: Semi convex
  • Edge Hardness: 52-54 hrc
  • Blade (panel) Grinding: Chirra
  • Function: Trekking, Gift, Military, Outdoor, Jungle warfare, Show Piece, Hunting
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McCurdy MODERN kukri knife;  a performer and a displayer

The best seller of John McCurdy’s creation is now on KHHI’s showcase. A sleek and lethal looking blade having a creatively designed handle that is very comfortable and durable - McCurdy’s Modern khukuri is a mixture of traditional (blade) and contemporary (handle) style at its very best that is created to perform at its optimum level. Build for hardcore works yet has a sassy delicate look; “Modern”, a modern day kukri is BOTH – a performer (made for rough and tough use) and a displayer (adding beauty and glory to a surrounding). A must when one is looking for both qualities; play and display.

Who is John McCurdy??
A good friend, loyal customer and a regular buyer of KHHI since 2007, KHHI is honored and delighted to serve people like John McCurdy. He is a knife designer, maker, enthusiast and a collector. He along with KHHI has done many projects over the years and has successfully won trust and confidence of hundreds of people and has earned a good reputation as a “Trusted” knife maker in the field. Although John’s main line of business is construction he is very passionate towards knives and has contributed his portion of share to this amazing field. We deeply thank John McCurdy for all his support and suggestion and wish him and his family the very best for the future. Its such an honor to carry such a great knife to our main product line. Dhanyabaad (thank you in Nepalese) to Mr. McCurdy.

Making the McCurdy kukri; A mixture of traditional chirra blade & contemporary comfortable handle 

The famous World War (Historic) version; a typical khukuri shape. Chirra/fuller in blade to work as an “I-Beam” to cut down unnecessary weight but more importantly give extra strength and rigidity to the blade. The chirra works as a shock absorber and eases the tension and impact felt by the blade. Finger choil at the end of the blade to rest index finger and to have more control over the knife to perform close and small games. Unpolished blade for good look and better temper/hardness.

McCurdy kukri



Strength of the kukri. Its shape, size, contours, curves etc all give the knife a perfect grip and thus a perfect HOLD. The flared up top and bottom portion of the handle give a nicer feel and more comfortable clutch. It also works as a Guard from both sides to always keep the using hand within the handle area (where it must be at all times). Full flat tang 3 x riveted handle for strength and durability. Wooden handle scales are strongly glued to the tang and further riveted to reinforce the whole fixture. The handle also has a lanyard hole at the end of the tang in which a leather cord can be inserted (as shown in the photo) in where the using hand goes through, making sure the blade never leaves the hand.

A simple but elegant looking sheath is adopted for this khukuri. No fixture of any sort so no flashy. Treated brown leather is used to match the wooden handle and to give a dashing look overall. A frog for the belt to go through for waist carriage and a lanyard loop tip for leather thong to go through for thigh tying are furnished to facilitate easy carriage and movement.

Each blade comes with engraving in one side as seen in the Large Photo; done to personalize the knife and to give its identity. McCURDY, NEPAL

Blade size: 11 inches approx. (semi-polished)
Handle size: 5 inches approx. (unpolished)
Blade Thickness: 8 mm approx. (V spine)

Materials / Features: Brown leather sheath, FFT riveted Rosewood COMFY handle with lanyard hole, Satin finishing single chirra/fuller blade
Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal (released on 8th May 2014)


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Joe Garcia Verified Buyer

Halifax, VA USA

Date: 4th September, 2023


First off, this is a beautiful knife!! IT IS A FUNCTIONAL PIECE OF ART!! I am SUPER HAPPY!!! My wife said that I shouldn’t use it because it was, “TOO NICE!!” Sorry, but I am not going to own something and not use it. We live on a farm and one of the things I do here is keep the pine trees clear of vines, brush and small trees. I put this through it’s paces and it works SUPERBLY!!! Edge retention was good and that is even after I sharpened the blade even more than the way it came. I have a knife sharpening business and when I got the blade I tested it. It was considered to be, “Factory Sharp.” I took it to a much sharper level. It worked really well and the 3 x 1 knife works just as well. Couple of things - I wanted the extra knife, I just need to figure a better way to mount it as it blocks the crossed Khukri badge. Having said that, it is truly functional and I like it on the outside (as opposed to the two that go between the blade and the leg) because the blade lays flat against my leg. Remember to clean and oil as this blade will patina.

jacob breaux Verified Buyer

Youngsville, Louisiana, USA

Date: 22nd July, 2022

Outstanding blade

Despite the fact I was initially sent the wrong blade. The customer service department quickly got the correct blade in my hands in a timely fashion. The itself is exactly what I wanted. Well balanced and under initial impressions there are no flaws or things I can say I'm not happy with. I received a well balanced, strong and sharp blade.

Stu Cork Verified Buyer

Markham Ontario Canada

Date: 12th July, 2022

My Second KHHI Purchase!

I was so impressed by the quality, craftsmanship and value of my Jungle Panawal, that I decided to purchase a modern Khukuri. My McCurdy was ordered with a Chisel Tip, L-Key Setup, Strap Button, Cross Badge in the Frog, and handle in Brown Micarta, and is intended for carry when hiking and camp chores. The knife and sheath are the same excellent fit and finish as my Jungle Panawal. The brown Micarta handle is comfortably shaped for my hand, and the color is a nice match with the brown leather sheath. Btw, Micarta is easily shaped by additional careful sanding to fine tune the fit to your individual hand, if neccessary. The blade came very sharp, with a beautiful satin finish and scallops perfectly executed along the length of the blade, with a tapered full tang. The brown leather sheath is also beautifully made, with a leather thong for leg tie carry, and it rides about mid way on the hip. Overall I'd say the McCurdy is a purposeful, efficient yet beautiful design meant for work. Now I'm thinking, what KHHI knife to purchase next!

Ronald Haines Verified Buyer

Santa Clarita, California, USA

Date: 26th May, 2021

I absolutely love my McCurdy Kukri! I have many knives and first time using my McCurdy it immediately became my favorite. It's so useful and functional. The craftsmanship goes far beyond what my expectations were. My hats off to master craftsman who so expertly made it. If your in the market for a quality edged tool. Kukrihousenepal will not let you down.

Padma Roy Verified Buyer

Bram, Aude, Occitanie, Southern France

Date: 20th May, 2021


First thing I've got to say is that I usually prefer kydex sheath. So I ordered one with the blade... But the leather sheath I just get is... Perfect. I suppose a reader will not believe me just on my good word, but the fact is here. The leather sheath is also a piece of art. Now for the blade itself, it's a heavy enough for rough task, but not an impractical monster. (I am a small monkey) I am not a fighter, but if ever you are, take note that the tip allows redoutable thrusting. Of course, the blade came razor sharp. The metal is not the same KHHI used to work with, so I cannot say how it will react in time, even if I am quite confident. It's not only a knife, at this level, it is also a piece of art. ... This one will have a good life with me... Thank you so much!

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