ParaCord Khukuri (@ BUDGET- the Real Deal)

ParaCord Khukuri (@ BUDGET- the Real Deal)


Buy ParaCord PRO (WaterProof Kukri)  for an upgraded and better version of this kukri.


What makes this a budget Kukri ? or a real deal?

The paracord kukri is in fact a real deal knife that is well within the budget of anyone and something that is forged for all kinds of outdoor and indoor activities that requires cutting, hacking, stabbing and slicing, etc.

Blade size: 8 inches approx. 
Handle size: 5 inches approx.
Blade Thickness: 7-8 mm approx. 
Weight: 500gms approx.

Origin: KHHI, Kathmandu, Nepal 
Materials / features: 52100 HC steel, Dual-edge tip (upper edge), Paracord wrapped handle; No Sheath



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