This section include Testimonials, Feedback and Reviews of Khukuri House, KHHI .Genuine Review of Khukuri / kukri knife by knife experts and ex-Gurkhas. KHHI custom kukri review by kukri experts, khukri collectors and Gurkhas Army on our kukri knives. Please dont forget to send us your sweet and sour words, which will always be a motivation for us. Do email us back. We will make them count.


Travis Jackson Washington, USA

A letter opener, 4" knife, a pair of 10 inchers, and a really massive 16 incher. I should have checked the weight better on the big one, lol. Its a bit much, but all are sharp and beautiful. Hopefully i can chop some things this weekend, that'll be fun. Thanks to all the fine craftsmen at khhi for this beautiful bundle of happiness. Really pleased and happy.


2018-christmas-pack-kukrismassive 18 inch kukri

Theo Badashi, USA

Blessings and Namaste to you Saroj.

I just received the knives in the mail (sooner than expected!) and first want to thank you and your craftsman Rajkumar for creating two beautiful pieces. Overall I am incredibly happy with the service, and the quality of craftsmanship is remarkable. THANK YOU!!

I do have a question and also need to bring your attention to a couple (very small) inconsistencies from what I ordered.

My question is about the chiseling on the 3 Chirra: It appears that only half of the tip was chiseled. Is this common practice or was this a mistake? 

Second, the Biltong 5160 was supposed to have a chiseled tip and zimping on the spine, which it did not come with.

Third, I had ordered the stand in black but it came in a natural color.

As I mentioned these are all rather minor issues, but do differ from my order, so I felt obligated to reach out to you about them. Overall I am incredibly happy, and honored to have these beautiful pieces from your artisan and company.

Thank you Saroj!

Theo Badashi

Graeme Germond ​South Africa

Classic MK military Ankhola khukuriDear KHHI Nepal
Thank you for your mail. 

I just received and unboxed this beaut from KHHI! It's their repro of the Classic MK military Ankhola! This khukri is superb! Fabulous balance in hand, very tough but light and fast and cuts like a razor! A specially made small edition with dui chirra. Fabulously crafted by KHHI! THANKS GUYS! 

As to feedback on your services;I found your service excellent! 
Your products are fantastic and have great value for money with outstanding workmanship and attention to detail producing tough, sharp well balanced knives of the highest order!.
Shipping delivery went off without a problem and I received my order within 5 days of purchase!
I would recommend KHHI Nepal to anyone who wants to purchase an original well made Khukuri albeit traditional, military or special custom order.
Thank you again.

You're the Best!

Brett, Sumner CA, USA

D1482 >>
Dear Saroj, 

I received the Hmong knife Thursday.  I want you to know I am very pleased!  It is just what I wanted.   Thank you for collaborating on this project and for shipping so quickly!  The knife came to my door 2 days after leaving Kathmandu!   Thank you, again. 

Brett, Sumner

Andrew Long

Hello from Southeast Texas,

I received my knife today and just wanted to email you guys and tell you what a fantastic job Ajay did on the knife. I absolutely love it, the Kydex is a little tight getting the knife out, but I’m sure it’ll break in with use. Thank you guys so much for your patience, your guys do fantastic work, and I will be ordering from you and Ajay In the future.

Thank you again so much!
Andrew Long

Radu Ciumara Bucharest Romania

Dear Saroj,

Today I received the package from you with the 2 kukri knives and 1 stand. What can I say? They are EXTREMELY WELL MADE and LOOK ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!  You said I would like them and it is true! They actually look much better than I thought. The stand is also nice and elegant. My Gurkhe is exactly what I requested and even more than I hoped for.

The Jungle Panawal for my cousin (the Afghanistan veteran) is also great! He will certainly like it very much. I can't wait to give him this gift for his birthday.

I have already two other kukri knives from you that I ordered back in 2014, one for me and the other was a present to my son. They are also very good items.

Saroj, you at the Khukuri House are doing a very good and serious business. From the quality of your products, customers can see and feel that you work hard for these products. It's not basic artisanal handicraft for tourists, your items are real stuff!

Saroj, when you have the time (but there is no hurry), we can start thinking about the Military Budhume project that we discussed about earlier.

Best regards,

Radu Ciumara

Nico Finland

custom 15Greetings,

The package has arrived. The knife is really fine. Weight is perfect as i can swing it as normally as any other kukri. 1200gms is the strong point for me as of now.

Thank you, i look forward to ordering later this year. I've got an idea for a machete. Until next time

–Nico, Finland

Tony Norway

Custom knife designed for Tony, Norway, 1490custom design id 1490Hello again.
I got the knifes, very nice! Thank you.

I was thinking on ordering a new custom knife or two later in the summer. So i will keep in touch.

Best regards

Tony, Norway
Design ID 1490 

HT James

khukuri designed for ht james, uk

Dear Mr Saroj and all members of staff,
My Khukri arrived by courier this morning and I am very pleased with it. It is almost exactly as I had visualised it. Thank you for creating a wonderful weapon for me. Please pass on my thanks to the skilled Kami who made it.

There may well be another order in the near future.


HT James, UK
D 1488

Adam pierce

Dear Saroj,
That sounds awesome!  

Oh and I forgot to tell you that I was able to go camping/hunting last year.  We are way out in the woods and I took my custom khukri with me (the one with the 10.5 inch blade).  I dont believe we could have made it to our hunting spot without it.

Adam pierce, USA