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Radu Ciumara Bucharest, Romania

Dear Saroj,

Yesterday I received the Military Budhune. It is a great knife and I like it very much. Thank you for your effort and passion. Please, pass also my kind greetings to craftsman Barun Biswakarma who followed so well the design of this historical Nepalese item. Thank you for all your support and involvement!

The Budhune kukri was well packed (as always) and the package arrived very well. The stand we discussed about was missing but I will kindly remind you again next time I will place an order (in about two months).

May I ask you for an advice? My (14 years old) son has (mis)used his kukri (that I had also ordered from you in 2014) in wet conditions in the forest. As he finished the work he put the wet kukri inside the sheath (forgetting that it was made of wood and leather). Then, at home, he wiped dry the kukri and stored it back right away in the sheath again (which had moisture inside). Next day, of course, the surface of the kukri had signs of rust. I explained him he should have wiped dry the kukri before putting it into the sheath which thus absorbed the moisture. The rust is not deep, is more a de-colouration of the surface (I attach some pictures).

How should we restore the surface?

Thank you and best regards,
Radu Ciumara

Allan Cowan South Africa

Good afternoon Saroj Bhai,

I received the Limbuman Tribesman khukuri yesterday. Thank you very much.

Absolutely top quality, as with the other knives I have bought from you in the past.

Kind regards and Namaste

Allan Cowan, South Africa

Sale ID / Warranty #: QL6365 P2

Mike King UK

Hello my Friend Saroj,

I have just received my Sirupate and once again  I congratulate you and your staff on another well made product from KHHI.

I would like you to thank your staff but especially thank Parshuram Biswakarma for his skills in producing this fine product of my Sirupate style Khukuri.

just as an addition to my last message regarding the new Sirupate.  It is very well built and with the hollow grind blade it feels both light enough in weight and also strong and robust enough for practical use!

I personally think it is a good idea to push the idea for a hollow grind blade for those people who intend to use their khukuris in a practical / outdoor environment.

I know this is more work from the Kamis and more expensive from a buyer’s point of view but well worth it. I am sure an additional section in your website explaining how a hollow grind can reduce the weight and balance the khukuri making it more easy to handle would bring in further sales !

Kind regard,
Mike King, UK
Sale ID: D1424