The Divine Buddha Frame (Enlighten)

The Divine Buddha Frame (Enlighten)



KHHI found this work of art so inspiring that it decided to keep it under its online product catalog although it is not produced by KHHI. This artistic and amazing work of art that depicts all the major and famous episodes, from the Lord Buddha’s tour as king Siddartha and to realizing the divine power of salvation - the enlightenment and to the preaching of Buddhism, is accomplished from die casting initially and later handcrafting to each details.

This excellent decorative wall frame based on Buddha’s life story is made from ceramic casted in a ready-made die (mold) and later hand finished to perfection to each and every details of the whole structure. A skilled and experienced craftsman takes about 12-15 days to complete a single frame. Bronze plate is used for the back ground and a heavy wooden ply painted in bronze dust gives the final finishing to the whole frame.

As seen in the photo in the circle composition there are 12 important events captured that occurred in the life of Buddha as a young king Siddartha of Kapilbastu and events that unfolded that ultimately led him into the conversion of Lord Buddha after the enlightenment and to the preaching of the sacred religion of Buddhism. The center structure shows Lord Buddha preaching Buddhism which remains as strong and as spiritual to this day from that very day.

This 34 x 34 inches (approx.) beautiful wall frame would certainly enlighten a room’s ambiance and give a breathtaking look to even an ordinary wall.

Materials / Features: Bronze, Ceramic, Wood, Brass
Origin: Patan, Kathmandu, Nepal


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