The Screw-Wala (Dismantles)

The Screw-Wala (Dismantles)


The Screw-Wala Kukri that can be Dismantled and fitted back when required

This unique one-of-a-kind, never done before kukri “the Screw-wala” proves the ability of KHHI as the best kukri manufacturer in the world and also shows the determination of KHHI to always giving something newer, nicer and better to its customers.

The distinctive and defined name of the khukuri points to the fact that “Screw” (nut-bolt) is used to fix (secure) its handle and thus can be dismantled and assembled. The standard rivets are replaced by “Nut-Bolt” to firmly hold the two scales (panels) of the handle and still can be dismantled if replacement is required. The screws are fitted (as shown in the photo) into the handle that go through the metallic tang and also in the butt (pommel) of the handle that is rigidly affixed to the tang. This Screw-System gives the strongest handle when tightly screwed and at the same time can be easily unscrewed to replace the handle if and when necessary. This new “Screw- wal Panawal” handle comes with two sets of handles, horn and wood. The contours, shape and design of each handle is made to provide the best possible grip. Both handles are unpolished (not shining) for better and firm hold. The tang is blackened (chemical coated) to prevent from rusting.

The Screw-wala’s blade follows the shape of the 12” Survival model but forged slightly more slender, thus lighter and hence easy to use and carry. Spine Peak is discarded for easy and quick operation (drawing in and out). The blade is semi-polished to look good and only semi-polished for strength as initial temper of the blade can be retained since it skips the long machinery’s polishing process.

Scabbard or Dap is another important and better aspect of the khukuri, particularly the frog. A working knife requires easy carriage which KHHI is well aware of so the same has been executed here. The standard loop-frog is improved in which the belt actually goes through the frog keeping the khukuri very close and tight to the body. This position ensures that wobbling of the khukuri in quick motion like in a regular frog is taken care of for good. A little but beautiful touch in frog by a leather thong gives pleasant glance to the overall look of the knife.

The Screw-wala is a solid hardcore working knife those who seek for rough and tough use. With the screw-system (nut-bolt) in place for handle it out classes the famous rivet-system with ease. Moreover the dismantling and assembling aspect of the knife if and when necessary positions the kukri to a no.1 spot.

Size of Blade: 12 inches 
Materials / Features: Water buffalo leather scabbard, semi-polished screw-system full flat tang handle, KHHI frog, 1 pr x extra wooden handle
Origin: KHHI, KTM, Nepal


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