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Ghurka Knives- buy from the producer who makes for Army

Life Time Discount

Khukuri House Handicraft Industry or KHHI now already a big name in kukri and knife industry has an outstanding record where more than 80% of its customers are returnee. One of the main reasons to this success besides superior quality is largely due to KHHI’s continuous pursuit to entertain its customers in every way possible. “Life Time Discount (LTD)” is yet another superb offer KHHI has come up with to enhance its amazing offer zone and more importantly facilitate the returning customers comprehensively and crucially.

LTD is a one time payment of a nominal fee but with attractive and instant return than what has been invested. A reasonable lifetime fee of US$ 49.99 will give back the customer 10% discount in each purchase, 10% shipping coverage from KHHI and a small gift hamper/s in each buy. The money invested can be easily recovered after a few purchases and then the customer can enjoy the privilege for the rest of his life.
How it Works??
  • You simply need to hit the “Proceed” button and pay the fee
  • KHHI will acknowledge the submission and confirm the membership
  • Prior to ordering online, please inform KHHI about types and quantity you want via email
  • KHHI will then email you back with the full details and costing of the order under the lifetime discount offer
  • KHHI will also email you a short cut online payment link for the finalized amount and process the order on payment confirmation
‘Rules and formalities’
  • LTD fee is not refundable
  • Member must always use the same email a/c that is submitted when contacting KHHI via email
  • LTD scheme does not apply to OFFER ZONES
  • Name of the member that is submitted and name used for contacting KHHI should be same
  • Ordering/contacting KHHI through other means other than email will not be processed

     This is a special offer offered to the men and women in uniform

5 PLUS OFFER (10% Special OFF): :
     Customer willing or wanting to buy khukuri x 5 qty or more.