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Exclusive highquality handmade kukris-knives catalog from Khukuri House (KHHI)

Buy high quality handmade original kukri/khukuri knives at Khukuri House Handicraft Industry made from high carbon steel. These are real knives at best (cheap) price. Wide range from Nepalese-Gurkha-Army-Traditional-Historic-Classic-Survival-Village-Panawal-Modern-Combat-Chirra-Decorative-Engraved-Silver-Kydex-Knives-Bowies. We have prepared this catalog by an in-depth research for all buyers from first timers to enthusiasts to regulars to hardcore users to collectors. Its an easy kukri-knife buying outlook for those who are unsure about the types, features, function and usage. We also suggest you to visit the page, HOW TO SELECT?, for easy guideline. Shop with confidence. You are in utmost safe hands. Happy Shopping!!