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Exclusive high quality handmade kukris-knives catalog from The Khukuri House (KHHI)


The amazing bond between a Gurkha and his Kukri is impeccable and its legacy continues to soar with pride and glory. KHHI Nepal offers these outstanding Gurkhali Kukris of all types that carry the feat and honor of these exceptionally brave soldiers.



Kamis do what they do the best … They are the born kukri makers and live to carry on their artisans' instinct and skill inherited from their forefathers. We have highly skilled and trained Kamis working round the clock to give the ultimate knives made out of love, passion, and effort.


Horn that is 10 times stronger than dry wood is repeatedly whacked several times to check the edge and hardness before passed. This is one of the many quality checks performed to meet the standards of the company. There are knives you can’t afford to mess with.


Our knives are mainly forged out from basic tools, bare hands and raw skill dedicating loads of time and labor. The process is long and hard but the outcome is definitely worth the wait and priceless for sure. Human sweat and skill make our knives that know no boundary.


You get everything at KHHI Nepal when it comes to Khukuri; from Classic-Contemporary, Traditional-Trendy, Mini-Large, Decoration-Destructive, Famers-Soldiers and so forth. These are knives you can trust and really rely on. We just say a phrase here “Carry one Carry on..


All our knives come with the “Lifetime Warranty”

Buy high quality handmade original khukuri /kukri knives at Khukuri House Handicraft Industry (KHHI) made from high carbon steel. These are real knives at the best (cheap) price. Wide range from Nepalese-Gurkha-Army-Traditional-Historic-Classic-Survival-Village-Panawal-Modern-Combat-Chirra-Decorative-Engraved-Silver-Kydex-Knives-Bowies. We have prepared this catalog by an in-depth research for all buyers from first-timers to enthusiasts to regulars to hardcore users to collectors. It's an easy kukri-knife buying outlook for those who are unsure about the types, features, function, and usage. 

[IMP:: All our knives are made from the same steel, raw materials, process, and people so quality wise all is exactly the same. Hence you may make your selection depending on your objective of/for the knife you are buying (how you plan to use your knife]



Army Patriotic (we salute you)

KHHI specials (Our PRIDE)


We also suggest you visit these pages>>  HOW TO SELECT?  and  FAQ for easy guidelines. Shop with confidence as you are in utmost safe hands. Happy Shopping!! 

KHHI Nepal Unit2 .. where Primitive Making and Khukuri Gallery are located. We are not only a commercial company but also an institute dedicated to conserving our tradition, culture, heritage; our pride. Witness the age-old making method and also educate yourself on kukri and related thru our well exhibited one-of-a-kind Khukuri Gallery.


We are a company that believes in learning, sharing, and conserving. Therefore anybody willing to come to our place and wants to learn the skill and try to forge out this own knife, he or she is most welcomed. Come learn with the masters and share the culture...


Jai Khukuri !!


Thank you lord for this honor, for we shall treasure it forever with love and life ..
Come out and feel the world’s most famous, feared and functional knife. Swing like the legends …

"Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, never had a country more faithful friends than you" - Sir Ralph Turner MC, a Gurkha commanding officer