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2013 Standard Issue (Original Gurkha Kukri Knives)

2013 Standard Issue (Original Gurkha Kukri Knives)

Original handmade Gurkha kukri knives from KHHI for the official "Recruit Intake 2013" of the BGN (British Gurkhas Nepal) ... 


USD 149.99

USD 45.26

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Gurkha Special Package

Blade Size (in):

Weight (gm): 350

USD 99.99

Mini 3 Chirra Champ

Blade Size (in): 9

Weight (gm): 625

USD 79.99

Cross Kukri Silver Badge

Blade Size (in): 1.10 cm approx

Weight (gm): 10

USD 37.99

KOTHIMORA 10inch (Precious)

Blade Size (in): 10

Weight (gm): 525

USD 169.99