Top 10 Best Selling Kukri Knives

7th December, 2018

These are the best selling kukri knives at KHHI. We have leaked this info; to make your selection and purchase more easier...

10 Places Famous for Khukuri in Nepal

4th November, 2018

10 places popularly known for Khukuri/ kukri in Nepal, order is based on popularity traditionally, historically and commercially today.

Kamismith in Danger ??

9th August, 2018

Its now or never for all khukuri lovers..15 years or so down the line there wud hardly be any khukuri makers left.

Hamro pyaro Sirupate khukuri (our dear Sirupate kukri)

22nd July, 2018

The 1st word any Nepali would utter when it comes to khukuri is the Sirupate. Here is some info on Nepal's no.1 khukuri >>

Glimpse of KHHI starting 2018

14th June, 2018

we celebrated our 27th anniversary, redesigned our website, launched 5160 Biltong PLUS kukri and started the 2018 world cup offer.


13th June, 2018

Our site's renovation work is almost done now. Just the final works and touch ups remain. We look fwd to your comments/suggestions..

LETHAL COMBO >> Tradi+Modern fusion

1st May, 2018

East meets West; Old-New combi; Tradi-Modern fusion..

Remembering 25th Apr 2015

25th April, 2018

Remembering the dreadful day and all the victims who perished and also commending the heroes who came for the rescue against all odds. 3 years today after the devastating Earthquake.