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DAP (Scabbard) from history to the present day!!

7th January, 2022

the probable history/existence, development, people behind it, various types, usage, making process and its importance

the SHAH dynasty of Nepal

30th August, 2021

the crucial and powerful rulers of modern Nepal. Learn its brief history of the Gorkha Kings

A journey from Gorkha Sainik to Nepalese Army..

28th June, 2021

A brief history of Nepal Army. Major developments from ca 1500 BCE right till the middle ages of the Malla period followed by the Shah Dynasty explained...

KHHI nepal @ Curfew-Covid19, May 2021

21st May, 2021

while the coronavirus cases escalate and death rises in Nepal NO curfew NO virus can stop us from doing our duties..

Types of Kukri (Blade Profile)

5th February, 2021

The most crucial factor that separates a kukri from one another is the shape or its blade profile. The shapes go from being very slender to becoming very broad and robust...

Traditional Kukri Heat Treatment (Local Hardening)

15th November, 2020

Traditional Khukuri Heat Treatment is the way to go.. a time proven technique since generations for making knives/tools

my Khukuri experience...

20th July, 2020

Ian Alexander shares his acquaintance with the 'Aitihasik Khukuri' from KHHI Nepal. Was his selection on this knife worth it? for his needs.

Top 5 standard Gurkha Knives of all times

18th April, 2020

Collection of the most popular and widely used (issued) Khukuri by Gurkha Army since 1858 (Indian mutiny)..

Modernization of khukuri and our ever changing catalog

19th February, 2020

How khukuri got transformed from a traditional domestic knife to an advanced multipurpose tool worldwide...

90's kukri making photo collection

25th November, 2019

Photo collection of khukuri making during early 2000 and late 1900. Includes steps in making blade, handle and scabbard.

Kukri booklet; anything/everything about the knife

21st April, 2019

A special presentation by Saroj Lama Tamang (SLT) on/in/of/about the kukri for the general public knowledge.

At the Forge: The Birth of Khukuri

12th April, 2019

Richard Albert from England is learning the craftsmanship at KHHI. He says 'khukuri is a beautiful weapon when made right.' Read and see how he learnt to make it in right way...

Top 10 Best Selling Kukri Knives

7th December, 2018

These are the best selling kukri knives at KHHI in year 2023. We have leaked this info; to make your selection and purchase more easier..

10 Places Famous for Khukuri in Nepal

4th November, 2018

10 places popularly known for Khukuri/ kukri in Nepal, order is based on popularity traditionally, historically and commercially today.

Kukri: The Gurkha's national weapon

20th September, 2018

To make a complete set every Khukuri or Kukri must come with two small knives at the back. The two smaller knives used are of very similar form, but apparently of inferior metal. These are kept in little case attached to the side of the Khukuri or Kukri sheath, just as is the case with the knives attached to a Highlander's dirk.

Gurkha’s VC medal to be auctioned for poor

29th August, 2018

“What you can do with 110,000 pounds to help children in Nepal is fantastic,” said Richard Bishop, a consultant at London auction house Spink. “ We’re hoping the medal raises even more.”

Kamismith in Danger??

9th August, 2018

Its now or never for all khukuri lovers..15 years or so down the line there wud hardly be any khukuri makers left.

A Gurkha NCO found in the jungle after Seven Years

25th July, 2018

6582 Naik Nakam Gurung of 2/1 GR was contacted after 7 years isolation in the Malayan jungle by a patrol of 1/10 GR on 20 October 1949 during the Malayan Emergency. During the Second World War he was moved to Malaya with his battalion on 5 September 1941, which was based at Ipoh.

Khukuri - the knife in exile

9th May, 2018

Carrying khukuri has both pros and cons. Sonam said, “It provides courage; those who carry sharp edge khukuri don’t have heart pain; removes the fear while walking in jungle at night..

If we didn’t kill them, they’d kill us- VC Lachhiman Gurung

8th May, 2018

In the war we focused on fighting and how to do away with the enemy. If we didn’t kill them, they killed us.

Remembering 25th Apr 2015

25th April, 2018

Remembering the dreadful day and all the victims who perished and also commending the heroes who came for the rescue against all odds. 3 years today after the devastating Earthquake.

Ram Bahadur Limbu in action

22nd March, 2018

But Rambahadur’s achievement did not end when the firing died down on that hill in Sarawak. There followed trials..

Britain honours Gurkha soldier for Afghanistan bravery

29th November, 2017

Sergeant Dip Prasad Pun, 31, of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, fired 400 rounds, launched 17 grenades and detonated a mine to thwart the assault by Taliban fighters at a British checkpoint near Babaji in Helmand province last year. The only weapon he did not use was the traditional curved Kukri knife carried by the Nepalese soldiers, because he did not have it with him.