Remembering 25th Apr 2015



This very day when Nepal was rocked and the world shocked >>

Remembering the dreadful day and all the victims who perished and also commending the heroes who came for the rescue against all odds. 3 years today after the devastating Earthquake on 25th Apr 2015 nothing substantial has been achieved to ease the pain of people and better the country. People are still forced to live in shelter, not even 50% reconstruction work completed, just fraction of the money spent collected for the victims and just about 15% of the heritage and historic sites rebuilt. How come this too little too late!! Where did we go wrong!! What happened in the middle and what is the govt. doing!! Is it really too big to handle ?? Worse, experts predict another massive jolt later in the year. Should it really happen, god have mercy on us, Nepal will probably not be able to rise from the rubble again. High time we learn from this natural catastrophe and prepare ourselves when we have the time, energy and resource.

Better late than never.. be prepared than sorry .. its NOW or NEVER folks!! Jai Nepal…

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